The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2021
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# Changes Title Popularity
801-423Juventus F.C.
802-64Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
803-199Attack on Titan
804+229Will Smith
805+111Christopher Nolan
806+91Doctor Who
807-588Mayim Bialik
808+337Karl Marx
809-259Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
810+940England national football team
811+53282021 Formula 2 Championship
812+91The Walt Disney Company
813-167Stargirl (TV series)
815-31One Piece
816+131777 World Trade Center
817+1603Roald Dahl
818-144Reservation Dogs
819+24593The Lost Symbol (TV series)
820+2French language
821++Wi Ha-joon
824+65Emma Watson
825-97Prince (musician)
826-536Neon Genesis Evangelion
827-108The Big Bang Theory
828+6606Grand Slam (tennis)
829+737Serena Williams
830+196Microsoft Excel
831+3List of Running Man episodes (2021)
832+128The Boys (2019 TV series)
833+32List of Marvel Cinematic Universe television series
834+97List of The Walking Dead episodes
835-194Nicole Kidman
836-191Jujutsu Kaisen
837+3422Kimi Räikkönen
838+30Amanda Knox
839-53Steven Spielberg
840+124Bruce Lee
841-108Studio Ghibli
843+5771Laurence Fishburne
845-134Genghis Khan
846-422He's All That
850+672UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till
853+643The Queen's Gambit (miniseries)
854-460Bob Ross
855-217COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
856+832Malcolm X
857+2089Isaac Asimov
858+15491Annamie Paul
859-409Bob Dylan
861+293Juno Temple
862+111Nintendo Switch
863-84The Witcher (TV series)
864+7107Meng Wanzhou
865+31528Courtney Thorne-Smith
866+73472022 FIFA World Cup qualification (CONCACAF)
867+8945Dark Side of the Ring
868+3226My Little Pony: A New Generation
869+218Nineteen Eighty-Four
870-186Walt Disney Pictures
871+57292011 Canadian federal election
873+1907Steve Martin
874-76Jordan Peterson
875+1065List of tallest buildings
876+2216Hacks (TV series)
877+45330Ncuti Gatwa
878+274Susan Wojcicki
879+1399Faroe Islands
880+9871Survivor 41
881+1909Hailee Steinfeld
882++Voyage (ABBA album)
883+312Google Drive
884+8699Alternative for Germany
885-62List of country calling codes
886+403Narendra Modi
887+273Kim Jong-un
888+492Microsoft Word
889+1073Ewan McGregor
890-15A.C. Milan
891+272Kristen Stewart
892+685Ramesh Balwani
893-244Pete Davidson
895+126Emma Stone
896+3975Daniel Ricciardo
897+539List of serial killers by number of victims
898-807Soviet–Afghan War
899+9122020 Formula One World Championship
900+4306IOS 15
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