The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in December 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
10HTTP 404
20Webserver directory index
30Lists of deaths by year
4+1731List of Billboard number-one singles
6++Robert Noyce
7+3740Kim Jong-il
14+14The Big Bang Theory
15+240New Year (disambiguation)
16+26How I Met Your Mother
17-7Drake (musician)
19+11United States
20+2811Christopher Hitchens
21+1099Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
22-16The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
23+44World War I
24+494The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
25-14Lady Gaga
26+9Steve Jobs
28+29Terra Nova (TV series)
29+197Tim Tebow
30+354Stop Online Piracy Act
31-9Justin Bieber
32-5Sunny Leone
34+35744Kim Jong-un
37+60969Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel
38+282Bane (DC Comics)
39+7741Diego Rivera
40+69Game of Thrones
41+132The Dark Knight Rises
42+423Santa Claus
43+22American Horror Story
44+33List of How I Met Your Mother episodes
45+1229North Korea
46+215UFC 141
47+16Sex position
49-37Breaking Dawn (disambiguation)
50+28List of The Big Bang Theory episodes
52+8Glee (TV series)
53+93The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
54-34Kim Kardashian
55+156Newt Gingrich
56-4The Hunger Games
59+5List of presidents of the United States
60-45The Twilight Saga
61+124UFC 140
62+319Don 2
63-15Selena Gomez
64+14191Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas!
65+11The X Factor (British TV series)
66+54Dexter (TV series)
67+1World War II
68-18Google Search
69+5562012 in UFC
70+12United Kingdom
71+9Adolf Hitler
72+293Robert Downey Jr.
73+107Zooey Deschanel
75-1America's Next Top Model (season 17)
76+24Nicki Minaj
77+291Tom Cruise
78+9The X Factor (American TV series)
79+7Shah Rukh Khan
80+551Jon Jones
81+207Why This Kolaveri Di
82+3The X Factor (British series 8)
83-8Mahatma Gandhi
84+8New Girl
85-15List of Glee episodes
86+3One Direction
87+3119Boxing Day
88+9Supernatural (disambiguation)
89-52The Walking Dead (TV series)
90-7Sons of Anarchy
91+199Chuck Norris
92+19Android (operating system)
93+487Silk Smitha
94+946Michael Bublé
95+793Attack on Pearl Harbor
96+7Marilyn Monroe
97-18Once Upon a Time (TV series)
99+62Lists of Doctor Who episodes
100+56Katy Perry
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