The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+1Game of Thrones
2+6Iron Man 3
3+500Mother's Day
4+1454Daft Punk
5-1Lists of deaths by year
6+312Fast & Furious 6
7+105Murder of Travis Alexander
8+343Fast & Furious
9+447Star Trek Into Darkness
10+491World War II
11+138The Great Gatsby (2013 film)
14+7Arrow (TV series)
15-4United States
16+1416How I Met Your Mother
18+3797Memorial Day
19+132Attack on Titan
20-4The Big Bang Theory
22+169Arrested Development
23+409Amanda Bynes
24+225Random Access Memories
25+56092Jeff Hanneman
26++Julius Richard Petri
27-4Hannibal (TV series)
28+1748Eurovision Song Contest 2013
29-7Adolf Hitler
30+3547How I Met Your Mother (season 8)
31+134Angelina Jolie
32+163Will Smith
34-4Doctor Who
35+37139Xbox One
36-11Dwayne Johnson
37+585Star Trek
38+82013 in film
39+2265Alex Ferguson
41-6United Kingdom
42+186Vin Diesel
43+132Leonardo DiCaprio
44+245The Office (American TV series)
45+1335Labour Day
46++Mike Jeffries (CEO)
47-6Justin Bieber
49-9World War I
50+651Shootout at Wadala
51+146Iron Man
52+53The Avengers (2012 film)
53-9Breaking Bad
54+1347The Hangover Part III
55+2433Manya Surve
56-25Barack Obama
58+5656The Vampire Diaries
59+19Vietnam War
61+50Man of Steel (film)
62+12Selena Gomez
63+2Leonardo da Vinci
64-22One Direction
65-36Steve Jobs
66-10Jennifer Lawrence
67+297David Beckham
69+21307Khan Noonien Singh
70+12Mahatma Gandhi
71+17Kaley Cuoco
72+2453D printing
73+4313The Vampire Diaries (season 4)
74+169Shraddha Kapoor
75+1008Benedict Cumberbatch
76+86Sherlock (TV series)
77+408PlayStation 4
78+13862Grey's Anatomy
79+30929Aditya Roy Kapur
80+2228Star Trek (film)
81-5Taylor Swift
82+25201Kris Kross
83+2Mila Kunis
86+78Demi Lovato
88-7Cristiano Ronaldo
89+184Manchester United F.C.
90+470Extreme Rules (2013)
91+102Lana Del Rey
92+140UEFA Champions League
93-4The Big Bang Theory (season 6)
94-47Revolution (TV series)
95-15Lionel Messi
96-19Michael Jackson
97-46Nicki Minaj
98-88The Walking Dead (TV series)
99-9Albert Einstein
100-40William Shakespeare
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