The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in August 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+156Michael Phelps
2+162016 Summer Olympics
3+6Suicide Squad (film)
4+418Usain Bolt
50Stranger Things
6+466Simone Biles
7+2335Gene Wilder
9+76970P. V. Sindhu
10-8Donald Trump
11+23List of Steven Universe episodes
12+5921Ryan Lochte
13+20Margot Robbie
14+7772024 Summer Olympics
15+116SummerSlam (2016)
16+11482020 Summer Olympics
17+10489Katie Ledecky
18+7206All-time Olympic Games medal table
19+147Rustom (film)
20+355No Man's Sky
21+667India at the 2016 Summer Olympics
22+13Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
23+640Sausage Party
24++2016 Summer Olympics medal table
25+190Mohenjo Daro (film)
26+1United States
27+12054The Get Down
28+346Gabby Douglas
29-10List of highest-grossing Indian films
30+3193Frank Ocean
31+11943Caster Semenya
32+127Cara Delevingne
33+84Harry Potter
34+634Summer Olympic Games
35+945Mr. Robot
36+20458Colin Kaepernick
37-36Pokémon Go
38+3698Don't Breathe
39-10Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
40+968Rio de Janeiro
41-52016 in film
42+6749Mo Farah
43+3Jason Bourne (film)
44+250Conor McGregor
45++Joseph Schooling
46+8785India at the Olympics
47+4Paul Pogba
49+8492Ashton Eaton
51-41Hillary Clinton
53++Blonde (Frank Ocean album)
54+16378War Dogs (2016 film)
56-41Barack Obama
57+5057Justin Gatlin
58+1002Dwayne Johnson
59+4649Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics
60+1780Ben-Hur (2016 film)
61+1Big Brother 18 (American season)
63+122342016–17 UEFA Champions League
64+118Drake (musician)
65+429Britney Spears
66+253Pooja Hegde
67+1595Laurie Hernandez
68+28374List of multiple Olympic medalists
69+6701Swimming at the 2016 Summer Olympics
72-52Star Trek Beyond
73+21456Florence Foster Jenkins
74+30560Juan Gabriel
76+3571Bourne (franchise)
77-56Game of Thrones
78+12865Nathan Adrian
79+3721United States at the 2016 Summer Olympics
80+1786One Hundred and First Amendment of the Constitution of India
81+1017Nate Diaz
82-69Ghostbusters (2016 film)
84-422016 United States presidential election
86+200Rogue One
87+895Basketball at the 2016 Summer Olympics
88+3813Independence Day (India)
89-6Zlatan Ibrahimović
90+7193Volleyball at the 2016 Summer Olympics
91+2332Tennis at the 2016 Summer Olympics
92+569Joker (character)
93+266Zika virus
94+13784Hope Solo
95+149Will Smith
96+3652Christ the Redeemer (statue)
97+23164List of multiple Olympic gold medalists
98+6096Gymnastics at the 2016 Summer Olympics
99+2075Huma Abedin
100++Chronological summary of the 2016 Summer Olympics
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