The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+132018 FIFA World Cup
2+4788Anthony Bourdain
30Lists of deaths by year
5+39954Kate Spade
6+201FIFA World Cup
7+3802014 FIFA World Cup
8+268Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
9-7Avengers: Infinity War
10+66Cristiano Ronaldo
11+232018 FIFA World Cup squads
12+19472026 FIFA World Cup
13+2171List of FIFA World Cup finals
14+662Incredibles 2
15+1175Hereditary (film)
16+6705Old English
17++Virginia Apgar
18++Fonts on Macintosh
19+9242010 FIFA World Cup
20-10Solo: A Star Wars Story
21+107Lionel Messi
22+1Westworld (TV series)
23+7The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
24+16392022 FIFA World Cup
25-52018 in film
26+397Ocean's 8
27+7152018 FIFA World Cup qualification
28-7United States
29+13362006 FIFA World Cup
30+16112002 FIFA World Cup
31+439Germany national football team
32+11Donald Trump
33+2LeBron James
34-2313 Reasons Why
35-22List of highest-grossing films
37+601Argentina national football team
38-33Deadpool 2
40++Andy Spade
41+25336Charles Krauthammer
42-34List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
43+406Brazil national football team
44++Tom Longboat
45+11445Michael Peterson (criminal)
46+430England national football team
48+46Kanye West
49+11822018 NBA draft
50++Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis
51-42Elizabeth II
52+272Kim Jong-un
53+52Money in the Bank (2018)
54+2906Asia Argento
55+55Westworld (season 2)
56+20841998 FIFA World Cup
57+1445Pete Davidson
58+394UFC 225
59-55HTTP 404
60+14Google Chrome
61+2032Ye (album)
63+3010Diego Maradona
65+71Meg Johnson (poet)
67-13Detroit: Become Human
68-11United Kingdom
69+31721994 FIFA World Cup
70+42129Richard Benjamin Harrison
71-27Star Wars
72+3List of Bollywood films of 2018
73-27List of NBA champions
74-24World War II
75-20Exo (group)
76+537France national football team
77+142United States dollar
79+616Spain national football team
81+878Paul McCartney
82+102Ariana Grande
84+752Jurassic World
85+38687Octavia E. Butler
86+2823Uruguay national football team
88+9114David Spade
89+1731Cloak & Dagger (TV series)
90+269372018 FIFA World Cup knockout stage
91+1791Harry Kane
92+1459Portugal national football team
93+190Stephen Curry
94+873Rafael Nadal
98+7609Group of Seven
100-85General Data Protection Regulation
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