The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+2289Whitney Houston
30Lists of deaths by year
4+557Charles Dickens
5+6United States
6-1The Big Bang Theory
7+41Nicki Minaj
8+5Lana Del Rey
9+95The Walking Dead (TV series)
10+16One Direction
12-6Rick Santorum
13+46Super Bowl XLVI
14-4Steve Jobs
15+15584th Academy Awards
16+114Eli Manning
18+93The Artist (film)
20+45Super Bowl
21+3Barack Obama
22+19Adolf Hitler
23+204Chronicle (film)
25+159Channing Tatum
26+52Michael Jackson
28-10Margaret Thatcher
29+136Meryl Streep
30+540The Woman in Black (2012 film)
31-2Justin Bieber
32+73Elizabeth II
34-2Lady Gaga
35-31Mitt Romney
36+32855The Vow (2012 film)
37+224Hugo (film)
38+179PlayStation Vita
39+5Selena Gomez
40+226Chris Brown
43+155Taylor Swift
44+7Alcatraz (TV series)
45++Don Cornelius
46+99Peyton Manning
47+9Katy Perry
49+567654th Annual Grammy Awards
50+6639Jeremy Lin
51+102Dwayne Johnson
53+62Ryan Gosling
54+87The Beatles
55+39Android (operating system)
56+2201Groundhog Day
57+126The Avengers (2012 film)
58-37Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
59+282012 Republican Party presidential primaries
60+25Drake (musician)
61+124John F. Kennedy
62+31521 (Adele album)
63+358Christina Aguilera
64+3431New Girl
65+918Leap year
66+66George Clooney
67+754Paul McCartney
68-28Anonymous (hacker group)
70+27Lionel Messi
71+15703Shrove Tuesday
72+51Tupac Shakur
74+10New York City
75+105Cristiano Ronaldo
76+79Kobe Bryant
77+15Agneepath (2012 film)
78+4971The Voice (American TV series)
79+215New York Giants
80+30Mahatma Gandhi
81+531Charlie Chaplin
82+99The Undertaker
83+103Jennifer Aniston
84+372012 in film
85+2578Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
86+720Macaulay Culkin
87+242George Washington
88+143Valentine's Day
89+124Pan Am (TV series)
90+1091Falkland Islands
91-5Johnny Depp
92+16107Saint Valentine
93+6Elvis Presley
94+4Two and a Half Men
96+172The Hunger Games (film)
98+563Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
99+68Leonardo da Vinci
100+2434Elimination Chamber (2012)
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