The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in October 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Gangnam Style
2+11Mitt Romney
3+59The Walking Dead (TV series)
4++Suicide of Amanda Todd
5+31454Felix Baumgartner
6-2Lists of deaths by year
8+4Barack Obama
9+21Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
10-2United States
11+181Student of the Year
13-6One Direction
14+332Argo (2012 film)
15+13829The Walking Dead (season 3)
16+62Windows 8
17-7The Big Bang Theory
18+28385Jimmy Savile
20+28Taylor Swift
21+742012 United States presidential election
22+1301Arrow (TV series)
24++Hurricane Sandy
25+20Homeland (TV series)
26+2430Bob Ross
27-3Justin Bieber
29+53Mila Kunis
32+738Red (Taylor Swift album)
33+3World War II
34+19Looper (film)
35+391Assassin's Creed III
36+1666Paranormal Activity 4
37+1347Breaking Bad
38+47Abraham Lincoln
39+15Once Upon a Time (TV series)
40+1672Lance Armstrong
41+33Mahatma Gandhi
43-18Nicki Minaj
44-24The Avengers (2012 film)
45-16United Kingdom
46+24Lionel Messi
47+345Taken 2
48+959Sinister (film)
49+239American Horror Story
50+332Alia Bhatt
51-16Revolution (TV series)
52+506Cloud Atlas (film)
53+170Liam Neeson
55+344Iron Man 3
57-14Adolf Hitler
58+13Steve Jobs
59+778Daniel Craig
60+29Albert Einstein
61-4World War I
62+2601Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
63+728Kendrick Lamar
64+139Resident Evil 6
66+18Cristiano Ronaldo
67+646United States Electoral College
68-222012 in film
69-35Game of Thrones
70-51Doctor Who
71-7Downton Abbey
72+930Saif Ali Khan
73+65Arnold Schwarzenegger
74-56The Hunger Games
75+268Paul Ryan
76-20Lil Wayne
77+6313Yash Chopra
78-61New York City
79++Malala Yousafzai
80+24402Joseph Kittinger
81-66Demi Lovato
82-61The Dark Knight Rises
84-18Android (operating system)
85+12Lana Del Rey
86+169Christopher Columbus
87+744OMG – Oh My God!
88+1257Hell in a Cell (2012)
89+10763Eid al-Adha
90+219Joe Biden
91+1856English Vinglish
92+598Jab Tak Hai Jaan
93+3036Glee (TV series)
94+46Kareena Kapoor
96+6Michael Jackson
97+7Human penis size
98+283UFC 153
99+31John Cena
100+23Christina Aguilera
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