The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+9Donald Trump
3+760American Horror Story: Roanoke
4+322September 11 attacks
5+352Mother Teresa
6+91934José Fernández (pitcher)
7+44Hillary Clinton
8+157Angelina Jolie
9+459Roanoke Colony
10+18450Alexis Arquette
11+15United States
12-9Suicide Squad (film)
13+377Brad Pitt
14+127Sully Sullenberger
15+179Sully (film)
16+297Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
17+18Mr. Robot
18+2555Pink (2016 film)
19+808Train to Busan
20+16Colin Kaepernick
22+16Don't Breathe
23+233American Horror Story
24+32Barack Obama
25-14List of Steven Universe episodes
26+145Backlash (2016)
28++Rob Lowe
29+11442016 Summer Paralympics
30+191Jennifer Aniston
31+173US Airways Flight 1549
32+522016 United States presidential election
33+1293The Magnificent Seven (2016 film)
34+568The Blair Witch Project
35+62016 in film
38+46701Arnold Palmer
39-32Gene Wilder
40+73389Bridget Jones's Baby
41+102Elizabeth II
42+16Dwayne Johnson
43+1619Blair Witch (film)
44+3964Eid al-Adha
45++Yma Sumac
46+92292016 World Cup of Hockey
47+103Captain America: Civil War
48+54List of presidents of the United States
49+524Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
50+90Gary Johnson
51+57World War II
52+358M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
53+132Ariana Grande
54+134The Star-Spangled Banner
55+89Mia Khalifa
57+20Game of Thrones
59+5960Patsy Ramsey
60+41Adolf Hitler
61+3413Designated Survivor (TV series)
62+342Rami Malek
63+4873Designated survivor
64-3Big Brother 18 (American season)
65+176Tupac Shakur
66+39United Kingdom
67+970Love in the Moonlight
69+37Islamic State
70++László Bíró
71+352Freddie Mercury
72+117Bill Clinton
74+393Katy Perry
75+77Millie Bobby Brown
77-64Margot Robbie
78+2371Gennady Golovkin
79+4082People v. Turner
80+936Akira (2016 Hindi film)
81+29691Stan Wawrinka
82+3478Atlanta (TV series)
83+717Scream Queens (2015 TV series)
84+332CM Punk
85+454Generation X
87+45567This Is Us
88+51Kim Kardashian
89+963Roald Dahl
90+109Star Wars
91-27Drake (musician)
92+1746Pablo Picasso
93+74Lionel Messi
94+87The Chainsmokers
95+37Cristiano Ronaldo
96+13Mahatma Gandhi
97+657Lady Gaga
98+62Sunny Leone
99+768268th Primetime Emmy Awards
100+25Syrian civil war
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