The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+101Valentine's Day
2+8Justin Bieber
3+1United States
4+4631Muammar Gaddafi
50Glee (TV series)
6-3Lists of deaths by year
7+115Hosni Mubarak
8+28Lady Gaga
12+16Super Bowl XLV
15+17The King's Speech
16-5Natalie Portman
17+124Green Bay Packers
18-4United Kingdom
19+71Dr. Dre
20-14Black Swan (film)
21+2452011 Egyptian revolution
24-3World War II
25+70133Constantin Brâncuși
26+223Dwayne Johnson
27+1892011 Cricket World Cup
28-19Jersey Shore (TV series)
29+22Chinese New Year
30+77Charlie Sheen
32+3025Bruno Mars
33+20287Gary Moore
34+4Elizabeth II
35-6Adolf Hitler
36-10Nicki Minaj
37+38383rd Academy Awards
39+42Super Bowl
40+862Skins (British TV series)
41+168Black Eyed Peas
42+456I Am Number Four
43+77James Franco
44-29The Big Bang Theory
45+236UFC 127
47+101Academy Awards
480Barack Obama
49+17Two and a Half Men
50-7World War I
52-15Lil Wayne
53+155Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
54-24Selena Gomez
55-9Katy Perry
56-9Michael Jackson
57-8127 Hours
58-18Kim Kardashian
59+120Ronald Reagan
60+3978Sean Parker
62+2889Skylar Grey
64+1496List of Super Bowl champions
65-30The Social Network
66+7263X-Men: First Class
67-47Mila Kunis
69+62954Esperanza Spalding
70+6054Murder of Meredith Kercher
72+25Transformers: Dark of the Moon
73+38Christian Bale
74+20UFC 126
75+2050Groundhog Day
77+79Colin Firth
78+1603Arcade Fire
79-11Miley Cyrus
81+624List of songs in Glee (season 2)
82-9Google Search
83-212011 in film
84+44Abraham Lincoln
85+5373Aron Ralston
86-78Martin Luther King Jr.
87-35Wiz Khalifa
88+6069House (TV series)
89+3New York City
90+7361List of Glee characters
91+270Spartacus: Gods of the Arena
92+110Michael Jordan
93-24Android (operating system)
94-49Steven Tyler
95-32Steve Jobs
96+6211The Vampire Diaries
97-1List of presidents of the United States
98+96New Zealand
99-21The Beatles
100+73697Lara Logan
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