The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
20Lists of deaths by year
4+3296Pokémon Go
6+1343Stranger Things
8+10Donald Trump
10+58Mr. Robot
12+19HTTP 404
13-2Barack Obama
14+353Theresa May
15+679Melania Trump
16+12016 United States presidential election
17-16UEFA Euro 2016
18++Mike Pence
19+354Ghostbusters (2016 film)
21+91Suicide Squad (film)
22+590Sultan (2016 film)
23++2016 Nice truck attack
24+2218Tim Kaine
25+292016 Summer Olympics
26+26Hillary Clinton
27+68UFC 200
28+81754Niantic (company)
29+227Star Trek Beyond
30-22Game of Thrones
31+131Justice League (film)
33+12016 in film
34+1List of Bollywood films of 2016
35+8785Juno (spacecraft)
36+559Ivanka Trump
37+47471Squamous cell skin cancer
38++2016 Turkish coup d'état attempt
39-2United States
40+62Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
42+141List of Steven Universe episodes
43+24List of presidents of the United States
44+25Cristiano Ronaldo
45+267Big Brother 18 (American season)
46+588List of highest-grossing Indian films
47++Nettie Stevens
48+60Suits (American TV series)
49+9Sia (musician)
50+85The Doctors (2016 TV series)
51+330The Legend of Tarzan (film)
52-25Independence Day: Resurgence
53+380Battleground (2016)
54+22Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
55-51Game of Thrones (season 6)
56-37List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
57-1List of most-viewed YouTube videos
58+106Brock Lesnar
59+1263Jason Bourne (film)
60+336Margot Robbie
61+35Viking (disambiguation)
62+562List of terrorist incidents in 2016
63+605Serena Williams
64+216Bill Clinton
65+1508Ivana Trump
67+65Taylor Swift
68++Images (film)
69+792012 United States presidential election
70+1888Tiffany Trump
71+907Independence Day (United States)
72-36Orange Is the New Black
73+144Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
74+11152Bastille Day
75+5172016 Australian federal election
76+49228Burger King (Mattoon, Illinois)
77++2016 shooting of Dallas police officers
78-49Finding Dory
79-56United Kingdom
80+38015Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany
84+4301Eder (Portuguese footballer)
85+405The Purge: Election Year
87+1672Donald Trump Jr.
89+2279Marla Maples
90+792016 Formula One World Championship
91+22House of Cards (American TV series)
92++Spatial disorientation
93+3413Pokémon (video game series)
94+61038RAS syndrome
96+13052List of Pokémon
97+617Antoine Griezmann
98-25Preacher (TV series)
99+543Shameless (American TV series)
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