The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in January 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+8Donald Trump
2+210Melania Trump
3+135Royal Rumble (2017)
4+1282Lists of deaths by year
5+19Barack Obama
6+35La La Land
7+518Split (2016 American film)
8+854Mary Tyler Moore
9+199XXX: Return of Xander Cage
10+1401Chelsea Manning
11+4834Roger Federer
12+185Ivanka Trump
13-9Rogue One
14+170List of highest-grossing Indian films
15+30List of presidents of the United States
16+3731A Series of Unfortunate Events (TV series)
17+1649Taboo (2017 TV series)
18-17Carrie Fisher
19+83Emma Stone
20+1United States
21+931Betsy DeVos
22+141Tom Brady
23+213Jimmy Carter
24+16Mariah Carey
25+4633John Hurt
26+442President of the United States
27+12861Rafael Nadal
28+238Hidden Figures
29+234Franklin D. Roosevelt
30+814Aaron Rodgers
31+933Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
32+691Mike Pence
33+1159Family of Donald Trump
34+13651Om Puri
36+839Tiffany Trump
37+332Joe Biden
38+45Kellyanne Conway
40+802Meryl Streep
41+17This Is Us
42-35Star Wars
43-20Winston Churchill
44+18712017 Africa Cup of Nations
46+939Jared Kushner
47+440Moonlight (2016 film)
48+403Michelle Obama
50+51Casey Affleck
51-48Debbie Reynolds
52-412016 United States presidential election
53+418Charles Manson
55+895Steve Bannon
56+252Westworld (TV series)
57+340List of Hindi films of 2017
58+2160Chinese New Year
59-49Passengers (2016 film)
60+648Serena Williams
61-23Donald Glover
62+1426Donald Trump Jr.
63++Bessie Coleman
64+2Arrival (film)
65+190Ronald Reagan
66+661George H. W. Bush
67+13537Matt Ryan (American football)
68+5242Miguel Ferrer
69+2Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
70+414George W. Bush
71-9Adolf Hitler
73+96John F. Kennedy
74+17Manchester by the Sea (film)
75+5171Trans-Pacific Partnership
76-23The Crown (TV series)
77-8Stranger Things
78+4023Sean Spicer
79+4150Inauguration of Donald Trump
80++Fred Korematsu
81+78774th Golden Globe Awards
82+519Katherine Johnson
83+238289th Academy Awards
84+302Lion (2016 film)
85++Ed Roberts (activist)
86+17563Republic Day (India)
87+2502017 in film
88+2178World War II
89-87George Michael
90+1024Super Bowl LI
91-72Star Wars: The Last Jedi
92+2010Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
93+100Hacksaw Ridge
94+414XXX (2002 film)
95+1880Eric Trump
96+1025Family of Barack Obama
97-13Game of Thrones
98+106Ben Affleck
99-70Dwayne Johnson
100-51List of The Flash episodes
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