The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in November 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+248The Mandalorian
2+2Lists of deaths by year
3+13The Irishman
4+169Frozen II
5-4Joker (2019 film)
6+301Death Stranding
7+14Terminator: Dark Fate
8-3Kepler's Supernova
9+129Doctor Sleep (2019 film)
11+1232Henry V of England
12+60Elizabeth II
13-22019–20 Hong Kong protests
14+4665Opinion polling for the 2019 United Kingdom general election
17+29UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying
18+857Charlie's Angels (2019 film)
19-2United States
20+272Jeffrey Epstein
22+3369Survivor Series (2019)
23+887Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
24+169UEFA Euro 2020
25+1323Rick and Morty (season 4)
26-11Gemini Man (film)
27-21Apple Network Server
28+5Watchmen (TV series)
30+1780Michael Bloomberg
31+721The King (2019 film)
32-22020 Democratic Party presidential debates
33+558Ford v Ferrari
34+672Midway (2019 film)
35+3359Fiona Hill (presidential advisor)
38+3649Prince Andrew, Duke of York
39+954Jimmy Hoffa
40+734His Dark Materials (TV series)
41+736The Crown (TV series)
43+834His Dark Materials
44+1139Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
45+23Billie Eilish
46+36Parasite (2019 film)
48+7Richard Jewell
49+26Solar System
50+6533Ken Miles
51+1320Fred Rogers
52-16Donald Trump
54+23Ricky Martin
55+544Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
56+1874Thanksgiving (United States)
57+609Gordon Sondland
58+37942Will Rogers
60+51996 California Proposition 218
62+5World War II
63-37HTTP 404
64-192019 in film
65-27List of Bollywood films of 2019
67+1924Frank Sheeran
68+490Charles, Prince of Wales
69+28Elon Musk
70+19923John Demjanjuk
71-7Periodic table
72+4304Anne, Princess Royal
73+1432Last Christmas (film)
74-18United Kingdom
75-12Google Chrome
76+10189Aberfan disaster
77+42Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump
78+160Generation Z
79+1304Knives Out
80+22598Princess Alice of Battenberg
81+194Microsoft Office
82+1254Jack Ryan (TV series)
83-3Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
84+2969The End of the F***ing World
85++KSI vs. Logan Paul II
86+222020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
87+194Keanu Reeves
88+38402019 United Kingdom general election
90+4World War I
91+1034Marie Yovanovitch
92+9666Harold Wilson
94+4977Black Friday (shopping)
96+255Adam Schiff
97+452Generation X
99-37Barack Obama
100+851Caitlyn Jenner
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