The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in November 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+108Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
2+79Justice League (film)
30Stranger Things
4+4720Charles Manson
5+6Thor: Ragnarok
60Lists of deaths by year
7+10737Lil Peep
8+11599David Cassidy
9+15293Millie Bobby Brown
10-1Kevin Spacey
11+14227XXX (film series)
13+7341Jason Momoa
14+744Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
15+53411Manushi Chhillar
16+102Survivor Series (2017)
17+19759Matt Lauer
18+1106The Punisher (TV series)
19+1915Robert Mugabe
21-8Donald Trump
22+13Elizabeth II
23+53273Roy Halladay
24+462Murder on the Orient Express (2017 film)
25+12469Winona Ryder
26-10United States
27+6030Roy Moore
28+10722Gaten Matarazzo
29-92018 FIFA World Cup
31+10370Natalia Dyer
32+1053List of Hindi films of 2017
33+4762Black Friday (shopping)
34+68622Muscat and Oman
35+197Avengers: Infinity War
36+717Mindhunter (TV series)
37+42345Jebel Akhdar War
38+2783Rani Padmini
39+2049Elon Musk
40+2417Lyle and Erik Menendez
42++Lisa Bonet
43-19Riverdale (2017 TV series)
44+10373Malcolm Young
45-12Gal Gadot
46+8868UFC 217
47-402018 FIFA World Cup qualification
48+122List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
50+32979Lil Pump
51+5966Net neutrality
52+1110Coco (2017 film)
53+1383Sharon Tate
54+2300Louis C.K.
56+4867Finn Wolfhard
57+449Joe Keery
58+49019Tate–LaBianca murders
60+695Reputation (album)
61-4World War II
62+53Jeffrey Dahmer
63+1767Queen Victoria
64+1644Miss Universe 2017
65-272017 in film
66+4265Miss World 2017
67+6757Al Franken
69+12023Pablo Escobar
70+1421Ric Flair
72+10686Corey Haim
73+1228Andy Kaufman
74+1281Diana Ross
75+107Ed Sheeran
76+92Taylor Swift
77+99Charlie Heaton
78+32420Kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart
80-13World War I
81+4537Edmund Kemper
82+756Murder on the Orient Express
83-43Cristiano Ronaldo
84-45Post Malone
85+2465Tommy Wiseau
86++Paradise Papers
87+18976Charlie Rose
88-54American Horror Story: Cult
89-10Adolf Hitler
90+65738Jigsaw (Marvel Comics)
92-82It (2017 film)
93+2346Wonder (film)
94++Manson Family
95-80Cardi B
96+7573Marvel Cinematic Universe
98+79440Elizabeth Smart
99+891Call of Duty: WWII
100+21270Guy Fawkes
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