The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in January 2015
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# Changes Title Popularity
1++Charlie Hebdo
2+97American Sniper
3-2Lists of deaths by year
5++Charlie Hebdo shooting
6+100Alan Turing
7-2United States
8+138The Imitation Game
9+644I (2015 film)
10+8PK (film)
11+490Royal Rumble (2015)
12+141Birdman (film)
14+15Islamic State
15+601Agent Carter (TV series)
16+1Gotham (TV series)
17+45Barack Obama
18+59998Stuart Scott
19-8The Flash (2014 TV series)
20++Je suis Charlie
21+502List of Hindi films of 2015
22+19World War II
24+52042015 AFC Asian Cup
25+1183Super Bowl XLIX
26+495List of Super Bowl champions
27+643Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
28+212087th Academy Awards
30+13Gone Girl (film)
31-27The Interview
32++Mia Khalifa
33+210List of highest-grossing Indian films
35-22Interstellar (film)
36-5American Horror Story: Freak Show
37-4Taylor Swift
38+1812015 in film
39+2049Taken 3
40+1378Whiplash (2014 film)
41+59Albert Einstein
42+12Amazon (company)
43+2705Boko Haram
44+7The Big Bang Theory
45+52Into the Woods (film)
46-30The Walking Dead (TV series)
47-232014 in film
48+8United Kingdom
49-43The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
50+848Selma (film)
51+1608Maddie Ziegler
52+36352015 Africa Cup of Nations
53+250Johnny Depp
54+770Tom Brady
55+14Cristiano Ronaldo
56+2World War I
57+88Avengers: Age of Ultron
58+217The Theory of Everything (2014 film)
59+446Bradley Cooper
60+44202Salman of Saudi Arabia
61+76Benedict Cumberbatch
62+557The Grand Budapest Hotel
64+20Adolf Hitler
65-2Chris Kyle
66-40Ariana Grande
67+41Mahatma Gandhi
69+123Elvis Presley
72+518Pope Francis
73+130472nd Golden Globe Awards
74-21Unbroken (film)
75+412Saudi Arabia
76+1852Auschwitz concentration camp
77+23574Republic Day (India)
78+1134Michael Keaton
79+78Take Me to Church
80-6Ed Sheeran
81+1707Super Bowl
82+593Elon Musk
83+29Big Hero 6 (film)
84+10482Empire (2015 TV series)
86+15Fury (2014 film)
87+1291Amal Clooney
88+21The Big Bang Theory (season 8)
89+352Guardians of the Galaxy (film)
90-22American Horror Story
91+527Liam Neeson
92+2Meghan Trainor
93+1547Nicole Kidman
94+19Lionel Messi
95+18600Martin Luther King Jr. Day
96+25Elizabeth II
97+36Game of Thrones (season 5)
98+124Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501
99+435UFC 182
100+15Breaking Bad
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