The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2014
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+4Islamic State
2+73Joan Rivers
3++2014 celebrity nude photo leak
5+1Lists of deaths by year
6+4892014 Scottish independence referendum
70Ariana Grande
9+170September 11 attacks
10+19231Destiny (video game)
11+365Gotham (TV series)
12+3United States
14+29United Kingdom
15+78Jennifer Lawrence
18+11800Ray Rice
19+1616Derek Jeter
20+1302014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
21+82613Ladies' Code
22+43369The Maze Runner
23-13Western African Ebola virus epidemic
25-21Guardians of the Galaxy (film)
26+666George Clooney
27+146FIFA 15
28+785Theodore Roosevelt
29-11World War I
30+6World War II
31+113Meghan Trainor
32+20The Big Bang Theory
33+2076I (2015 film)
34+1524The Maze Runner (film)
35+301Night of Champions (2014)
36+44Cristiano Ronaldo
37+4683Alibaba Group
39+1537Jack the Ripper
40+6Barack Obama
41+2748Breaking Bad
42+448Radamel Falcao
43-12Manchester United F.C.
44-41Ice Bucket Challenge
45-19Doctor Who
46-45Robin Williams
47+93032014 FIVB Volleyball Men's World Championship
48+22The Walking Dead (TV series)
50-16Nicki Minaj
51+6619The Strain (TV series)
52+12904Mars Orbiter Mission
53++Richard Kiel
55+1100Stephen Hawking
56+2080Orange Is the New Black
57++Aaron Kosminski
58+5Adolf Hitler
59-4Transformers: Age of Extinction
60+19430Mary Kom
61+197Floyd Mayweather Jr.
63+38Outlander (TV series)
64+12Angelina Jolie
65+1541Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
66+247Kate Upton
67+6368Eleanor Roosevelt
70+81List of countries and dependencies by population
71-22Michael Jackson
72+51Lionel Messi
73+12X-Men: Days of Future Past
74+14409IPhone 6
75+385Edge of Tomorrow
76-7Bill Gates
77+142Apple Inc.
79+117Hong Kong
80-35Taylor Swift
81-22Sunny Leone
82+111Elizabeth II
83+38Albert Einstein
85+2Narendra Modi
86+5Frozen (2013 film)
88-11Kim Kardashian
89+66Android (operating system)
90+520Mike Tyson
91+12New York City
92+1870Tusk (2014 film)
93+4046Oscar Pistorius
94-46Dan Bilzerian
95+3964Bigg Boss (Hindi season 8)
97++UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying
98+186Periodic table
99+16646Dancing with the Stars (American season 19)
100+5298Scorpion (TV series)
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