The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+1Lists of deaths by year
2+46Boris Johnson
3+13237Jeffrey Epstein
4+144Stranger Things
5+225The Lion King (2019 film)
6+31Spider-Man: Far From Home
7-1Avengers: Endgame
9+319Stranger Things (season 3)
100List of highest-grossing films
11+825Area 51
12+208Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
13+20List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
14+421Apollo 11
15+51628Cameron Boyce
16+49Megan Rapinoe
17+159Midsommar (film)
18+572019–20 Hong Kong protests
19+6928Coco Gauff
20+42019 in film
21+14Google Chrome
22-102019 Cricket World Cup
230United States
24+94Roger Federer
25+735The Boys (2019 TV series)
26++René Favaloro
27-26Chernobyl disaster
28+39854Kyoto Animation
29+885Neil Armstrong
30+201Novak Djokovic
31-1Billie Eilish
32-21Toy Story 4
34-21Aladdin (2019 film)
35+332019 Africa Cup of Nations
36-332019 FIFA Women's World Cup
37+5606Crawl (2019 film)
38+90Barack Obama
39+60Marvel Cinematic Universe
40+2402019 Wimbledon Championships
42-10The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
43+26624Rutger Hauer
44+22Big Little Lies (TV series)
45+657Millie Bobby Brown
46+13152Maya Hawke
48+4139Ilhan Omar
49+385Theresa May
50+28Alex Morgan
51-2Donald Trump
52+247Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
53++Kyoto Animation arson attack
54+19Yesterday (2019 film)
55+14012019 Wimbledon Championships – Men's Singles
56+21Cricket World Cup
57+518René Descartes
58-4HTTP 404
60-292019 Conservative Party leadership election
61+1183Winona Ryder
62+5United Kingdom
63+8792Cats (musical)
65+641The Lion King
66+1145Down the Rabbit Hole
67+24List of Bollywood films of 2019
68+1296Tate–LaBianca murders
69++Tyler Skaggs
70-18List of presidents of the United States
71+4052021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup
72-2Rafael Nadal
73-65Keanu Reeves
74+4209Euphoria (American TV series)
75-34Euphoria (disambiguation)
76+75Freddie Mercury
77+278Alita: Battle Angel
78+39Annabelle Comes Home
79++Muthulakshmi Reddy
80+472019–20 UEFA Champions League
81+207Lil Nas X
82+1422020 Democratic Party presidential debates
83-27Kamala Harris
85+503Quentin Tarantino
86+1412Money Heist
87+176Tom Holland
88+113Black Widow (2021 film)
89-2Kabir Singh
90+2938Buzz Aldrin
91+287English language
92+14United States women's national soccer team
94-65FIFA Women's World Cup
95+303UFC 239
96+625The Irishman
97+59Fast & Furious
98+465Hellboy (2019 film)
99+205No Time to Die
100-91Central Park jogger case
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