The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+47It (2017 film)
2+88It (novel)
40Lists of deaths by year
5+88Blue Whale Challenge
6++Hurricane Irma
7+13603Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
8+608It (character)
9+343It (miniseries)
10+4132017 Atlantic hurricane season
11+699Kingsman: The Golden Circle
12+3215Rohingya people
13+266American Horror Story: Cult
14-13Game of Thrones
15+31Cardi B
16+506Puerto Rico
17+16Hurricane Harvey
18+7United States
19+671Star Trek: Discovery
20+272September 11 attacks
21+451Saffir–Simpson scale
24+594No Mercy (2017)
25+293Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
26-8Donald Trump
27+15Rick and Morty
28+109Canelo Álvarez
29+6362018 FIFA World Cup qualification
31+27Hurricane Katrina
32+29Kim Jong-un
33+110The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
34+693Dwayne Johnson
35+207Stephen King
36+900Travis Scott
37+13North Korea
38+14355Sloane Stephens
40-92017 in film
41+118Colin Kaepernick
42+1414Hurricane Andrew
43+32America's Got Talent (season 12)
48+73Tupac Shakur
50+29Wonder Woman (2017 film)
51+1198Hugh Hefner
52+1128Rafael Nadal
53+328Kylie Jenner
54+944Tropical cyclone
55+141Vietnam War
56+24976Samuel Johnson
57+5Cristiano Ronaldo
58+1World War II
59+10658Harry Dean Stanton
60+1292The Star-Spangled Banner
61+34Jennifer Lawrence
62+62Gal Gadot
63-23Big Brother 19 (American season)
64+6519Logic (rapper)
65+3735The Orville
67+826Blade Runner
68-42Taylor Swift
69+122Steve Jobs
70+295UFC 215
71+9World War I
72+556American Made (film)
73+602Big Little Lies (TV series)
74++Gauri Lankesh
75+13Lionel Messi
76+12418Darren Aronofsky
77+11837Jaeden Martell
78+2238List of Category 5 Atlantic hurricanes
79+9594Madison Keys
80+183Transformers: The Last Knight
81+360Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
82+7Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
83+16United Kingdom
84-13Mahatma Gandhi
85-4Adolf Hitler
86+422Shania Twain
87-68List of most-viewed YouTube videos
88+372Lady Gaga
89-32Spider-Man: Homecoming
90+635Hurricane Sandy
91-21Michael Jackson
92+55042Nirmala Sitharaman
93-91Floyd Mayweather Jr.
94+2353EuroBasket 2017
95-80Antifa (United States)
96+1121Blade Runner 2049
97-80Annabelle: Creation
98+108Baby Driver
99+78Stranger Things
100+31362018 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA)
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