The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in August 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Lists of deaths by year
20Darth Vader
3+3Game of Thrones (season 7)
4+8Game of Thrones
5+12099Boy Scouts of America
6+8Batin (Islam)
7+95Blue Whale Challenge
90List of most-viewed YouTube videos
10+18List of Game of Thrones episodes
11+8List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
12+18Floyd Mayweather Jr.
13+23Lali Espósito
14+428Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017
15+12Conor McGregor
16+21996 California Proposition 218
17+39Muscat and Oman
18+39Jebel Akhdar War
19+35Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor
20++Killing of Nicole van den Hurk
21+3020Robert E. Lee
22+2396Solar eclipse
24+570Taylor Swift
25-17Dunkirk (2017 film)
26++Unite the Right rally
27++Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
29+509The Defenders (miniseries)
30-1Twin Peaks (season 3)
31+4United States
32-82017 in film
33+327SummerSlam (2017)
34+8544Jerry Lewis
35+2175List of solar eclipses visible from the United States
36++Antifa (United States)
38+58675Military chocolate (United States)
39+133Emilia Clarke
40+97A Song of Ice and Fire
41++Hurricane Harvey
430Donald Trump
44+92Rick and Morty
45+512017–18 UEFA Champions League
46+7780List of solar eclipses in the 21st century
49+187List of Rick and Morty episodes
50-47Curse LLC
51+223'Ain Ghazal
52+224Ayn Ghazal
53+32Sam Shepard
56++Chittagong (film)
59-10Big Brother 19 (American season)
60+1Rick and Morty (season 3)
61+7285Glen Campbell
62+33397Joe Arpaio
63+155Diana, Princess of Wales
64+281Kit Harington
65+1267Annabelle: Creation
67++2017 Barcelona attacks
68++James Wong Howe
70+61492017 World Championships in Athletics
71+89662017 Southeast Asian Games
72+412The Dark Tower (2017 film)
73-21List of Bollywood films of 2017
74+559Logic (rapper)
75+14834Solar eclipse of April 8, 2024
76+34Ozark (TV series)
77-15Suits (American TV series)
78-7Elon Musk
79+191National and regional identity in Spain
80-22Amazon (company)
81+219North Korea
82+592017–18 UEFA Europa League
83+31Real Madrid CF
84+77List of Game of Thrones characters
85+72016 United States presidential election
86+29Elizabeth II
87+151Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
88+236It (2017 film)
90+13World War II
91+17List of presidents of the United States
92-82Spider-Man: Homecoming
94+454American Civil War
95+225Lena Headey
96-81Battle of Dunkirk
97+69542Rosenhan experiment
98++Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
99+1059Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
100+35Alien: Covenant
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