The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+26The Dark Knight Rises
2+142012 Summer Olympics
3+2669Higgs boson
4+14The Amazing Spider-Man (film)
5+3The Avengers (2012 film)
7-1Lists of deaths by year
8+1280Amelia Earhart
9+306The Dark Knight (film)
10+78Olympic Games
11+364Michael Phelps
12+84Roger Federer
13-6One Direction
14+386Christian Bale
15-4United States
16+69Emma Stone
18+6598Andy Griffith
19+29Tom Cruise
20+1436Rajesh Khanna
21+1251Frank Ocean
22++2012 Aurora, Colorado shooting
23+1743Ryan Lochte
24-21Game of Thrones
25+50Cocktail (2012 film)
26-9The Big Bang Theory
27+13Magic Mike
28+198Andrew Garfield
29+1373Batman in film
30+12812Ernest Borgnine
31-19Justin Bieber
32+35Mila Kunis
33+817Andy Murray
34+76Ted (film)
35+164Katie Holmes
37+309Heath Ledger
38+12169Sylvester Stallone
39+1434Christopher Nolan
40+11957Gustav Klimt
42-1United Kingdom
43+959Bol Bachchan
44-9Nicki Minaj
46+39769Sage Stallone
48+614Man of Steel (film)
49+16Kristen Stewart
51+1383Serena Williams
52+59362Marissa Mayer
530Katy Perry
54+971Joseph Gordon-Levitt
55+462The Legend of Korra
56+468UFC 148
57-56UEFA Euro 2012
58+108Sunny Leone
59-32012 in film
60+515Olympic symbols
61-28The Hunger Games
62+1688Football at the 2012 Summer Olympics
63-32Johnny Depp
64-1Selena Gomez
65+2136Columbine High School massacre
66-20Michael Jackson
67-57Mario Balotelli
68-64Elizabeth II
69-15Kim Kardashian
70+31472020 Summer Olympics
71+270Muhammad Ali
72+4302Ra's al Ghul
73+1655Anderson Cooper
74+7Barack Obama
75+43358Sherman Hemsley
76+85The Walking Dead (TV series)
77+8373Scientology beliefs and practices
78+184Usain Bolt
79+396The Newsroom (American TV series)
81+311United States men's national basketball team
82+1451992 United States men's Olympic basketball team
83+3427Tour de France
85+12941Savages (2012 film)
86+2211The Shard
87+768Ice Age: Continental Drift
90+48Doctor Who
91+1110Joker (character)
92-49Miley Cyrus
93-29Adolf Hitler
94-37World War II
95+207Mitt Romney
96+8Android (operating system)
98-73Lionel Messi
99+49382014 Winter Olympics
100+9056Talia al Ghul
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