The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in August 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+12012 Summer Olympics
2+9Michael Phelps
3-2The Dark Knight Rises
4+30752Paul Ryan
5+73Usain Bolt
6+1538Neil Armstrong
70Lists of deaths by year
8+2Olympic Games
9+267Ek Tha Tiger
10+85Mitt Romney
11+4United States
12+317The Expendables 2
130One Direction
14+23852016 Summer Olympics
15+1177McKayla Maroney
16+444Gabby Douglas
17+4652012 Summer Olympics medal table
18+25792Tony Scott
19+3141Jessica Ennis-Hill
20+3Ryan Lochte
21+3725Pussy Riot
22+772014 Winter Olympics
23+472020 Summer Olympics
24+2The Big Bang Theory
25+173India at the 2012 Summer Olympics
26-21The Avengers (2012 film)
28+6719Mo Farah
29+1009Spice Girls
30+302Slender: The Eight Pages
31+27Sunny Leone
32+1077Tom Hardy
34-3Justin Bieber
35+122All-time Olympic Games medal table
36+492Aly Raisman
37+385The Bourne Legacy (film)
38+6Nicki Minaj
39+174The Hunger Games (film)
41+1United Kingdom
42-10Mila Kunis
45+1264Oscar Pistorius
47+27Barack Obama
48+290Total Recall (2012 film)
49+12198Macaulay Culkin
50+92012 in film
51+180Jism 2
52+65Marilyn Monroe
54-30Game of Thrones
55+4653Mars Science Laboratory
56+501Robin van Persie
57+33Doctor Who
58+509Misty May-Treanor
59+432008 Summer Olympics
60+2122Carly Rae Jepsen
62-53The Dark Knight (film)
63+859Lance Armstrong
64-15Kristen Stewart
65+2650Sexual intercourse
66+2284Hurricane Katrina
67+297Jennifer Lawrence
68+99Manchester United F.C.
70+240Snoop Dogg
71+45030Curiosity (rover)
72+92Clint Eastwood
73+2850Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
74+88Arnold Schwarzenegger
75-61Christian Bale
76+166972012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony
77+16199Gore Vidal
78+131Taylor Swift
79+13Miley Cyrus
80+2814Sleeping Dogs (video game)
81-12Kim Kardashian
82+249Chuck Norris
84+10World War II
85+647Kerri Walsh Jennings
86+45True Blood (season 5)
87+727SummerSlam (2012)
88-9The Newsroom (American TV series)
89+106The Undertaker
91-25Michael Jackson
92-28Selena Gomez
93+2065Ayn Rand
94-1Adolf Hitler
95+14317Phyllis Diller
97+280Breaking Bad (season 5)
98++Gangnam Style
99-65Ted (film)
100+118Bob Marley
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