The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+35Wonder Woman (2017 film)
2+5Lists of deaths by year
3+119The Mummy (2017 film)
4+245Transformers: The Last Knight
50Ariana Grande
6+5988Otto Warmbier
7+818Paris Agreement
8+444Kevin Durant
9+6822017 FIFA Confederations Cup
10+18LeBron James
11+1622017 United Kingdom general election
12-1Donald Trump
13++Adam West
14+97Tupac Shakur
15+18Cristiano Ronaldo
16-7Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
17++Grenfell Tower fire
18-17Baahubali 2: The Conclusion
19+170Wonder Woman
20+11942Stephen Curry
21-5American Gods (TV series)
22+1247The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
23+34752Democratic Unionist Party
25+397Goods and Services Tax (India)
26-3United States
27+32017 in film
28+9114ICC Champions Trophy
29+421Albert Einstein
30-10Elizabeth II
31+992Pirates of the Caribbean (film series)
32-15James Comey
33+179Jeremy Corbyn
34+145Theresa May
35+10546House of Cards (American TV series)
36+577Money in the Bank (2017)
37+1612017 ICC Champions Trophy
38+244Conor McGregor
39-18Dangal (film)
40+5207Floyd Mayweather Jr.
41+444Golden State Warriors
42+15Opinion polling for the 2017 United Kingdom general election
43+18913 Reasons Why
44+17Elon Musk
45+22Michael Jordan
47+106Tom Cruise
48+23Game of Thrones
49+1103Rafael Nadal
50+230Spider-Man: Homecoming
51+1158Cars 3
52+90Pretty Little Liars (season 7)
53+19Lionel Messi
54-36Riverdale (2017 TV series)
55-31Dwayne Johnson
56+3145Fargo (season 3)
57+7Baywatch (film)
58-21Logan (film)
60+34Ed Sheeran
61+43Katy Perry
64++Ram Nath Kovind
65+56295Prodigy (rapper)
66+1205Twin Peaks
67+92187Steve Scalise
68+19United Kingdom
69+42381Killing of Philando Castile
70+9Michael Jackson
71-29Twin Peaks (season 3)
72-17World War II
73+3468Liam Gallagher
74+11World War I
75+2892All Eyez on Me (film)
76++Brooks Koepka
77+346DJ Khaled
78-39Gal Gadot
79+18Miley Cyrus
81-38List of Steven Universe episodes
82+21List of Better Call Saul episodes
83+302Justice League (film)
85-79Alien: Covenant
86+13482017 NBA draft
87-58Get Out
88-84Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
89+1538Transformers (film series)
90+2Johnny Depp
91+523Bernie Madoff
92+73List of most-viewed YouTube videos
93+46Extreme Rules (2017)
94-14Adolf Hitler
96-55List of highest-grossing films
97-6Beauty and the Beast (2017 film)
98+62Islamic State
99++Cheick Tioté
100+2343Kamala Harris
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