The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in August 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+5Jeffrey Epstein
2+5005Article 370 of the Constitution of India
3+14Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
4+3Lists of deaths by year
5+21652Sushma Swaraj
6+35The Boys (TV series)
7+1399Mindhunter (TV series)
8+72Charles Manson
9+124Hobbs & Shaw
10+15926Atlanta murders of 1979–1981
11+61Sharon Tate
12+23413Wayne Williams
13-3Avengers: Endgame
14+1364Dennis Rader
15+101Tate–LaBianca murders
16+5540List of mass shootings in the United States in 2019
17+102Dwayne Johnson
18+19160Arun Jaitley
19-14The Lion King (2019 film)
20+173Manson Family
22-6Freddie Mercury
23-1List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
24+179SummerSlam (2019)
25+1045Sacred Games (TV series)
26+1718Edmund Kemper
27+1962019–2020 Hong Kong protests
28+14United States
29+64Quentin Tarantino
30++2019 El Paso shooting
31+17The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
32-5Billie Eilish
33+608Tulsi Gabbard
34+2818Jammu and Kashmir
36-27List of highest-grossing films
37-17Chernobyl disaster
38+2List of Hindi films of 2019
39+36188Andrew Luck
40+59Ted Bundy
41+443Tex Watson
42+215BBC World Service
43-41Spider-Man: Far From Home
44+98113 Reasons Why
45+529Mission Mangal
46+9343Peter Fonda
47+1145Article 35A of the Constitution of India
48+44Money Heist
49+239Ghislaine Maxwell
510Donald Trump
52+223Hong Kong
53-72019 in film
54+16222Toni Morrison
55+146Taylor Swift
56+15Elizabeth II
57+10051Group of Seven
58+433Patrick Swayze
60+184Roman Polanski
62+170Peaky Blinders (TV series)
63+1782019–20 UEFA Champions League
65-61Stranger Things
66+1548Ready or Not (2019 film)
67+139The Boys (comics)
68+4848David Berkowitz
70+188Batla House encounter case
71+17Euphoria (American TV series)
72-36Keanu Reeves
73+45Leonardo DiCaprio
74++Jessi Combs
75+3109Angel Has Fallen
76+104Roger Ailes
77+297Descendants 3
78+1642UFC 241
79-78Cameron Boyce
80+24Elton John
83+133Miley Cyrus
84+443Liam Hemsworth
85-73Boris Johnson
86+1746The Red Sea Diving Resort
87+27741David Koch
88+463Mia Khalifa
89+886Joker (2019 film)
91+124Chris Hemsworth
92+3377Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (film)
93+106Brad Pitt
94-31Aladdin (2019 film)
95+2712019–20 UEFA Europa League
96+3460Good Boys (film)
98-85Millie Bobby Brown
99+10Jennifer Aniston
100+10470Union territory
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