The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in August 2019
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10Lists of deaths by year
2+1Jeffrey Epstein
3+152019–20 Hong Kong protests
4+8Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
5+20The Boys (2019 TV series)
6+13532Article 370 of the Constitution of India
7+838Mindhunter (TV series)
8++2019 El Paso shooting
9+59Tate–LaBianca murders
10+5799Atlanta murders of 1979–1981
11-4Avengers: Endgame
12+1List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
13-8The Lion King (2019 film)
14+9United States
15+162Hobbs & Shaw
16+42019 in film
17+652020 Democratic Party presidential debates
19+612019–20 UEFA Champions League
20+105Charles Manson
21+5401List of mass shootings in the United States in 2019
22+1811996 California Proposition 218
24+892019–20 UEFA Europa League
26+71Fast & Furious
29+114Sharon Tate
30+66The Irishman
310Billie Eilish
32+53Quentin Tarantino
33+129Hong Kong
34+8The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
35+416Tulsi Gabbard
36+129Taylor Swift
37+3160Good Boys (film)
38+15333Toni Morrison
39-29List of highest-grossing films
41+230SummerSlam (2019)
42-4Barack Obama
43+256Manson Family
44+7Donald Trump
45+97Solar System
46-40Spider-Man: Far From Home
47+167Ghislaine Maxwell
48-46Boris Johnson
49+30039Wayne Williams
50+5356Jammu and Kashmir
52+103The Boys (comics)
53+5HTTP 404
54+81313 Reasons Why
55+3799Dennis Rader
56+833Tool (band)
58+28Money Heist
59-55Stranger Things
60+1674Sacred Games (TV series)
61+250Dwayne Johnson
620United Kingdom
63+11Euphoria (American TV series)
64+61142Sushma Swaraj
65+26580David Koch
66+518Joker (2019 film)
67-28Marvel Cinematic Universe
68+934UFC 241
69-2List of Bollywood films of 2019
70-43Chernobyl disaster
71-37Aladdin (2019 film)
73+57Dark Phoenix (film)
74++Jessi Combs
75+194Peaky Blinders (TV series)
76+1298Lover (album)
77+127Hotel del Luna
78+1769The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan
79+5984Group of Seven
80+634Riverdale (2017 TV series)
81+114John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
82+14491Peter Fonda
83+992020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
84++2019 Dayton shooting
85+3851Rangers F.C.
86+25Elizabeth II
87+87Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019 film)
89+3565Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine
90+17931Fear Inoculum
91+36World War II
92+113List of TCP and UDP port numbers
93+2520Edmund Kemper
94+788Andrew Yang
95+3207Student's t-test
96+2600Ready or Not (2019 film)
97+3038Angel Has Fallen
98+847Tex Watson
99++2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires
100+4735Kennedy family
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