The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2014
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+16Game of Thrones
2+27Captain America: The Winter Soldier
3++Donald Sterling
4+2Lists of deaths by year
5+134Amazon (company)
6+68751Peaches Geldof
7+26Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
8+2862Mickey Rooney
10+6435The Ultimate Warrior
11+15How I Met Your Mother
13+282The Amazing Spider-Man 2
14-1United States
15-6Frozen (2013 film)
16+36WrestleMania XXX
19+1996Climate change
20-19Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
21+2232014 Indian general election
22-12The Walking Dead (TV series)
23+987April Fools' Day
24+5762Hillsborough disaster
25+20613List of Game of Thrones characters
26+194The Undertaker
27+3Pharrell Williams
28+11World War II
29+3895Fargo (TV series)
30+232014 in film
31+24Adolf Hitler
32+1706How I Met Your Mother (season 9)
33+72Avengers: Age of Ultron
34+16Divergent (film)
35+18885Bob Geldof
37+587List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
39+5456Good Friday
40+2World War I
41+17The Big Bang Theory
42+2944Arrow (TV series)
43-9Sunny Leone
45-23The Wolf of Wall Street (2013 film)
46+17Vikings (TV series)
47+77X-Men: Days of Future Past
48++Percy Lavon Julian
50+394Dan Bilzerian
52+34Scarlett Johansson
53+164Dwayne Johnson
55+459Captain America
56+6United Kingdom
570Barack Obama
58+29Cristiano Ronaldo
59+9760Gabriel García Márquez
60+559Iggy Azalea
61+95Steve Jobs
62+3134420 (cannabis culture)
63-36House of Cards (American TV series)
64+89037Bubba Watson
65+574Narendra Modi
66+101William Shakespeare
67+94List of The Blacklist episodes
68+11Once Upon a Time (TV series)
69+892014 FIFA World Cup
70+1402Transcendence (2014 film)
71+45The Big Bang Theory (season 7)
72+227Kurt Cobain
73+23Hannibal (TV series)
74+55New York City
75+69386Peter Dinklage
76-35Divergent (novel)
77+7868The Blacklist (TV series)
79+493Chris Evans (actor)
80+20983Mad Men
81+2Lil Wayne
82+43Michael Jackson
83+16Shailene Woodley
85+108The Voice (American season 6)
86+73975Last Forever
87+176Godzilla (2014 film)
90+758Emma Stone
91+698Main Tera Hero
93+74192Jack Gleeson
95+92Elizabeth II
96-72Jennifer Lawrence
97+99Johnny Depp
99+102Guardians of the Galaxy (film)
100+316Liverpool F.C.
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