The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+100September 11 attacks
2+77036Troy Davis
3+397Freddie Mercury
5-3Lists of deaths by year
7+45The Big Bang Theory
80United States
9+44Two and a Half Men
10-1Lil Wayne
13+8332Jim Henson
140Lady Gaga
15-9Kim Kardashian
16+266One World Trade Center
17-16Steve Jobs
18++Andy Whitfield
19+3Game of Thrones
20+9112Sons of Anarchy
21+1423Floyd Mayweather Jr.
22+663Dead Island
23-18Jersey Shore (TV series)
24+125Charlie Sheen
25+2005Terra Nova (TV series)
26+32Mark Zuckerberg
27+214UFC 135
28-1True Blood
29-13Justin Bieber
31+4673United Airlines Flight 93
32+30Doctor Who
33+11United Kingdom
34-17Selena Gomez
35-14Nicki Minaj
36+16558Rosh Hashanah
37+1559Miss Universe 2011
39+1781Gears of War 3
40+46World War II
42+25Adolf Hitler
43+15882011 Rugby World Cup
44+7067Kris Humphries
45-25Tha Carter IV
47+65Tupac Shakur
48-132011 in film
49+24Michael Jackson
50+603Windows 8
52+1139Chaz Bono
53+30199/11 conspiracy theories
54-26Mila Kunis
55+206List of Glee episodes
56+598Labor Day
57-11Red Hot Chili Peppers
58+107X-Men: First Class
59+1Drake (musician)
60++Albert Szent-Györgyi
61+1621Novak Djokovic
62+31Dexter (TV series)
63-8Barack Obama
65+64World War I
67+102Ashton Kutcher
69+180The Vampire Diaries
72-8Android (operating system)
73+60Apollo 18 (film)
74+1551Gears of War
75+3Demi Lovato
76-6Mad Men
78-54Pretty Little Liars
80+5Google Search
81+97Ryan Gosling
82+1086List of common misconceptions
83+130Albert Einstein
84+148Zooey Deschanel
85+25List of unusual deaths
86++Anant Pai
87-69Muammar Gaddafi
88+38Lionel Messi
89-50The Avengers (2012 film)
90+111House (TV series)
91+153Grey's Anatomy
92+119Salman Khan
93+30New York City
94+385J. Cole
95+164Thor (film)
96+213Star Wars
97+31List of emoticons
98+268FIFA 12
99+3864Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo
100-57Katy Perry
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