The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2021
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+692020 Summer Olympics
2+126Black Widow (2021 film)
3-2UEFA Euro 2020
4-1Lists of deaths by year
5+1Loki (TV series)
6+56Simone Biles
7+388Dilip Kumar
8+144Giannis Antetokounmpo
9+603The Tomorrow War
12+4UEFA European Championship
13+522Space Jam: A New Legacy
14+58Copa América
15+911Kang the Conqueror
16+776Old (film)
17+5Novak Djokovic
18+23Lionel Messi
19+80Jeff Bezos
20+80Naomi Osaka
21-6F9 (film)
22+647Michael Phelps
24+1123Florence Pugh
25+1281India at the 2020 Summer Olympics
26+186Sarah Shahi
27+28697Emma Raducanu
28+118Scarlett Johansson
29+3657Ashleigh Barty
30-23Cristiano Ronaldo
31+3846Richard Branson
32+332Conor McGregor
33-28Critical race theory
34+1419Katie Ledecky
36+6387Christopher Duntsch
37-1United States
38+111Gareth Southgate
39+5436Fear Street Part One: 1994
40+2329Sunisa Lee
41+2048List of Olympic Games host cities
42+19England national football team
43-132021 Copa América
44+19246Tom Daley
45+338Money in the Bank (2021)
46+44Italy national football team
47+494Amazon (company)
48+28List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
49+2722Football at the 2020 Summer Olympics
50-27Manifest (TV series)
51+93Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four
52+4Roger Federer
53-4FIFA World Cup
54-16Elon Musk
55+505Adam Demos
56+163Harry Kane
57+719Gianluigi Donnarumma
58+30702Joey Jordison
59+1676Olympic Games
60+593The Suicide Squad (film)
61+71116Biz Markie
62+929Giorgio Chiellini
63-42A Quiet Place Part II
64-112022 FIFA World Cup
65+334Jadon Sancho
66+1427Microsoft Windows
67+58Rick and Morty (season 5)
68-34Britney Spears
69-30Olivia Rodrigo
70+38LeBron James
72-40Elizabeth II
73+5355Murder of James Bulger
74+71026Jovenel Moïse
76+7309Caeleb Dressel
77+764UFC 264
78+73612Sarpatta Parambarai
79+5209Never Have I Ever (TV series)
80+38Jack Grealish
81++2020 Summer Olympics medal table
82+11362021 CONCACAF Gold Cup
83+2619Dustin Poirier
84+9409Fear Street
85+32Sha'Carri Richardson
86+8Raheem Sterling
87+704Ted Lasso
88+1993Matteo Berrettini
90+25595Fear Street Part Two: 1978
91+37509Dusty Hill
92+68Michael Jordan
93+84Chris Paul
94-51Devin Booker
95+1950Android (operating system)
97+18322All-time Olympic Games medal table
98+32007Fear Street Part Three: 1666
99+3841Haseen Dillruba
100+22054Swimming at the 2020 Summer Olympics
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