The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2015
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+72Jurassic World
2+33Caitlyn Jenner
3+2042015 Copa América
4+1Game of Thrones
5+51436Flags of the Confederate States of America
6+2022Christopher Lee
70Lists of deaths by year
8+17182015 FIFA Women's World Cup
10+345Jurassic Park (film)
11+7081Chris Pratt
12+38LeBron James
13-11Mad Max: Fury Road
14-1United States
15+595Batman: Arkham Knight
16+630Magna Carta
17+1372Laverne Cox
19+85Golden State Warriors
20+966Father's Day
21+851Inside Out (2015 film)
22-1Lionel Messi
23+62015 in film
24-23Avengers: Age of Ultron
25+17San Andreas (film)
26+357Terminator Genisys
27+23890Dusty Rhodes (wrestler)
28+2161Donald Trump
29-13List of highest-grossing films
30+8Wayward Pines
31+34675Jurassic Park
32+923American Pharoah
34+1064Money in the Bank (2015)
35-12Kanye West
36+169Kris Jenner
37+45Dan Bilzerian
38-10Islamic State
39-7Dwayne Johnson
41+1674Stephen Hawking
42+38Kim Kardashian
43-34April 2015 Nepal earthquake
44+40Michael Jordan
45+285ABCD 2
46-34Furious 7
470Taylor Swift
49+1019Dil Dhadakne Do
50+853Insidious: Chapter 3
51+3453Andre Iguodala
52+8291Emilia Clarke
53+1552The Lost World: Jurassic Park
54+1076World War II
56++Charleston church shooting
57+434Steve Kerr
58+6832FIFA Women's World Cup
59+1628Paul Walker
60+18762Stan Wawrinka
61+2297Jurassic Park III
62+251Pretty Little Liars
63+24Elon Musk
64+11Barack Obama
65-43Elizabeth II
66-8Kingsman: The Secret Service
67+573Spy (2015 film)
68+1044Jeb Bush
69-54Pitch Perfect 2
71+95American Civil War
72+25Michael Jackson
73-43Cristiano Ronaldo
74+5769List of Running Man episodes
75-29Adolf Hitler
76+76557United Passions
77-10United Kingdom
78-6019 Kids and Counting
79+1133Secretariat (horse)
80+1433Mr. Robot
81+399Hamari Adhuri Kahani
82-38Sunny Leone
83+591Hannibal (TV series)
84-36World War I
85+123List of NBA champions
86+18142015 FIFA U-20 World Cup
87+330Matthew Dellavedova
88+51Kylie Jenner
89+45Cara Delevingne
90+2995Ted 2
91+31Bernie Sanders
92+2171Serena Williams
94+195Beau Biden
95+15762015 NBA draft
96+1437Novak Djokovic
98+59Tupac Shakur
99+765Entourage (film)
100+6133United States women's national soccer team
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