The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2021
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# Changes Title Popularity
2+17Tom Brady
3+6Lists of deaths by year
4+356Death of Elisa Lam
5+744Cecil Hotel (Los Angeles)
6+94The Weeknd
7+1Elon Musk
8+3695Rush Limbaugh
9+5307Agatha Harkness
10+849Dustin Diamond
12+2630Christopher Plummer
13+573Rob Gronkowski
14+1286List of deaths and violence at the Cecil Hotel
15+1909Shailene Woodley
16+43Patrick Mahomes
18-3Elizabeth II
19+1019Britney Spears
20+9303Naomi Osaka
21-16Richard Ramirez
22+7656Daft Punk
23+49Elizabeth Olsen
24-22Donald Trump
25+403Gina Carano
26+18Royal Rumble (2021)
27+2072Marilyn Manson
31+149Super Bowl LV
32+25Marjorie Taylor Greene
33+2340Valentine's Day
34+142The Dig (2021 film)
36+2306Fred Hampton
38+11562I Care a Lot
39+65391Google logo
40-39Joe Biden
41+35871Elimination Chamber (2021)
42-3United States
43+2053Judas and the Black Messiah
44+320Scarlet Witch
45+118Sutton Hoo
47+48Ted Cruz
48+3776Bobby Shmurda
49+8542Captain Tom Moore
50+57Tiger Woods
51+12Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
52+56094Rajiv Kapoor
53+19413Firefly Lane
54+3510The Sinner (TV series)
55+14COVID-19 pandemic
57+59List of Super Bowl champions
58+46The Little Things (2021 film)
59+2626Evan Rachel Wood
60+581Gisele Bündchen
61-50Regé-Jean Page
62+104Dan Levy (Canadian actor)
63+1075Katherine Heigl
64-13Armie Hammer
65+82997Behind Her Eyes (TV series)
66+11285Aung San Suu Kyi
67+13Aaron Rodgers
68+137Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Four
69+12395Drishyam 2
70+1253Rosamund Pike
71+175Dwayne Johnson
72+210Edith Pretty
73+98Jeff Bezos
74+974Zack Snyder's Justice League
75+86List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
76+7810Novak Djokovic
77+45Cristiano Ronaldo
78+708Jamie Raskin
79-46Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
80+62Malcolm X
81+322Freddie Mercury
82+1132Monica Rambeau
84+350Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
85+437Tampa Bay Buccaneers
86+429Stanley Tucci
87+2197Chinese New Year
88+316Basil Brown
89+10972Joss Stone
90-62The Queen's Gambit (miniseries)
91-88Kamala Harris
92+1661Anna Nicole Smith
93+25Attack on Titan
94+9Attack on Titan (season 4)
96+2611Serena Williams
97-21Charles, Prince of Wales
98+160It's a Sin (TV series)
99+4823List of Super Bowl halftime shows
100+1850Billie Holiday
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