The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+251Killing of Trayvon Martin
2+11152Cory Monteith
3+223Pacific Rim (film)
4+1Lists of deaths by year
5+784Milkha Singh
7+44Game of Thrones
8+1021The Conjuring
9-1Edward Snowden
10+11420Orange Is the New Black
11-2World War II
12+944Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
13+1Attack on Titan
14+54Elizabeth II
15+393Andy Murray
16+654The Wolverine (film)
17+6056Roswell incident
18+1249Magna Carta Holy Grail
19+104Arrow (TV series)
20-4United States
21-20Man of Steel (film)
22+12Breaking Bad
23+924Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
24+1636Robin Thicke
25+1564Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
26+4037Franz Kafka
27+22013 in film
28-16Nelson Mandela
29+4287Lea Michele
30+274Despicable Me 2
31+406Diana, Princess of Wales
34+449Glee (TV series)
35+443The Lone Ranger (2013 film)
38-19Aashiqui 2
39-4The Big Bang Theory
40+71Under the Dome (TV series)
41+12Selena Gomez
42+16Johnny Depp
43-37World War Z (film)
44-41The Last of Us
45+10Miley Cyrus
46+1420Charles, Prince of Wales
48+21One Direction
50+1753Amy Winehouse
51+188X-Men: Days of Future Past
52-10United Kingdom
53+51Dexter (TV series)
54+186Bruce Lee
55-42Fast & Furious
56-2How I Met Your Mother
57+15The Walking Dead (TV series)
58+15815Stand-your-ground law
60-3Justin Bieber
62++Pig Beach
63+77New York City
64-25Dwayne Johnson
65+514Singam II
66+4871Ed and Lorraine Warren
67+21603Despicable Me
69+129Ramaiya Vastavaiya
70+27Amanda Bynes
71+39722013 CONCACAF Gold Cup
72-27Doctor Who
74-22Adolf Hitler
75-27Pretty Little Liars
77+62Chennai Express
78+488Money in the Bank (2013)
80+14Sherlock (TV series)
81-58Fast & Furious 6
82+9Kaley Cuoco
83+1166Grown Ups 2
84-14Ariana Grande
85-21List of Running Man episodes
86+46648Marion Bartoli
87+16700Skins (British TV series)
88+7150Sexual intercourse
89+678Hugh Jackman
90-8Blurred Lines
91+8Android (operating system)
92-4Barack Obama
93+15041Mohamed Morsi
95+475Magna Carta
97++Asiana Airlines Flight 214
98+35Jennifer Lawrence
99-26Pharrell Williams
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