The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in November 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
2+192012 United States presidential election
3+5Barack Obama
4-3Gangnam Style
5-2The Walking Dead (TV series)
6-4Mitt Romney
7+85Jab Tak Hai Jaan
9+4One Direction
11+27Abraham Lincoln
12+3009Black Friday (shopping)
13-7Lists of deaths by year
14-4United States
15+5445Halo 4
16-1The Walking Dead (season 3)
17+343Call of Duty: Black Ops II
18+1083The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
19-2The Big Bang Theory
20+12761David Petraeus
21+14Assassin's Creed III
22+2Hurricane Sandy
23+2990List of presidents of the United States
24+711Son of Sardaar
25+34Daniel Craig
26+3932008 United States presidential election
270Justin Bieber
28+30330Bal Thackeray
30-8Arrow (TV series)
31+196Wreck-It Ralph
33+10Nicki Minaj
35++Paula Broadwell
36-20Windows 8
37+7987Gaza Strip
38+471Lincoln (film)
39+286Wii U
40+38New York City
41-21Taylor Swift
42-28Argo (2012 film)
43+18World War I
45+12Adolf Hitler
48+55Assassin's Creed
49-4United Kingdom
50+32The Dark Knight Rises
51+1290Take Me Home (One Direction album)
52+20101Larry Hagman
53+355Family of Barack Obama
54-8Lionel Messi
56+14168Colin Kaepernick
57+802The Twilight Saga (film series)
58+146The X Factor (American season 2)
59+281The Hobbit (film series)
60-49Student of the Year
62+8411Les Misérables
63+961Guy Fawkes
64+3130Thanksgiving (United States)
65+109President of the United States
66+22012 in film
68+5344United States fiscal cliff
69+10605Susan Rice
70+45Star Wars
71+89512Héctor Camacho
72+3140The Vampire Diaries
73+489UFC 154
74-35Once Upon a Time (TV series)
76+1721Red Dawn (2012 film)
77+3062Guy Fawkes Night
80+5Lana Del Rey
81+162Kristen Stewart
82-12Doctor Who
83+1Android (operating system)
84+3264Life of Pi (film)
86-15Downton Abbey
87-11Lil Wayne
88-59Mila Kunis
89-20Game of Thrones
90+206Channing Tatum
91+3565How I Met Your Mother (season 8)
92+1Glee (TV series)
93+4155John F. Kennedy
94-42Cloud Atlas (film)
95+21Selena Gomez
96+1074List of Twilight characters
97-46Revolution (TV series)
98+169Affordable Care Act
99+1Christina Aguilera
100+377Flight (2012 film)
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