The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in December 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+329Carrie Fisher
2+3859George Michael
3+79366Debbie Reynolds
4+60Rogue One
5+6810J. Jayalalithaa
6+19884Alan Thicke
7+125Star Wars
8+4603Zsa Zsa Gabor
9-8Donald Trump
10+397Passengers (2016 film)
11-92016 United States presidential election
12+11278John Glenn
13+43Moana (2016 film)
14+167Jim Mattis
15+3553Boxing Day
16-9Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (film)
17+1481Battle of Aleppo (2012–2016)
19+495Star Wars: The Last Jedi
20+806UFC 207
21-1United States
23+459Winston Churchill
24-15Barack Obama
26++Rex Tillerson
27+300Kirk Douglas
28+893The Man in the High Castle (TV series)
29+14Dwayne Johnson
30+378Star Wars: The Force Awakens
31+574Ronda Rousey
32+861North Korea
33+1606Assassin's Creed (film)
34+1094Santa Claus
35+352016 in film
36+207Syrian civil war
37+12251Harrison Ford
38+218Donald Glover
39+2937Suicide Squad (film)
40+284Mariah Carey
41+1435La La Land
42++Junaid Jamshed
43+526Attack on Pearl Harbor
45-35List of presidents of the United States
47-10The Walking Dead (TV series)
48++Rømer's determination of the speed of light
49-15List of The Flash episodes
50+559Chris Pratt
51+659Sully Sullenberger
52+1852Star Wars (film)
53-39The Crown (TV series)
55+258Jennifer Lawrence
56+41Cristiano Ronaldo
58+107This Is Us
59+479Roadblock: End of the Line
60+55The Weeknd
61+16Ariana Grande
62-10Adolf Hitler
63+3489J. Cole
64+56Nocturnal Animals
65+49511The Mummy (2017 film)
66-47Arrival (film)
67+46Vladimir Putin
68+70The Legend of the Blue Sea
69+16Stranger Things
70+40Gigi Hadid
71+10132Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
72++Charles Macintosh
73++V. K. Sasikala
74+38981Steve Biko
75+11009Charles, Prince of Wales
76+444Vikings (TV series)
78+83Final Fantasy XV
79+30283Francesca Hilton
80+5402Margot Robbie
82+21817Last Tango in Paris
83-48Kellyanne Conway
84+75Game of Thrones
85+770US Airways Flight 1549
86+1722List of Star Wars characters
87+877Transformers: The Last Knight
88+89Designated Survivor (TV series)
89+8171Robin Thicke
90-3List of Arrow episodes
91+965Manchester by the Sea (film)
92-88Fidel Castro
93+10Legends of Tomorrow
95+504Spider-Man: Homecoming
96+121Sunny Leone
97+205Drake (musician)
98+90Michael Jackson
99+3408Amanda Nunes
100+8Harry Potter (film series)
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