The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+33Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
2-1Avengers: Infinity War
3+82Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
4+12Elizabeth II
5+131Deadpool 2
6+383Donald Glover
7+126Diana, Princess of Wales
8+50Charles, Prince of Wales
9-1List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
10-6Lists of deaths by year
11+46Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
12+39Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
13+66513 Reasons Why
14+13List of highest-grossing films
15+345Solo: A Star Wars Story
16+58Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
17-2Carol Danvers
18+2Black Panther (film)
19++Doria Ragland
20+69LeBron James
21+612018 FIFA World Cup
22+390Eurovision Song Contest 2018
23+307Succession to the British throne
24+158HTTP 404
25+2327Savitri (actress)
27-2Marvel Cinematic Universe
28-22XXX (film series)
29+883List of NBA champions
30+74Josh Brolin
31+78George VI
32+54021Valerie Jarrett
33+652Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
34+4414Gemini Ganesan
35+12699Death of Brian Wells
36+382Deadpool (film)
37+92Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
39+222018 in film
40+268Ryan Reynolds
41-5United States
42+41Elizabeth Olsen
43+2Cristiano Ronaldo
44+42Elon Musk
45+478Anne, Princess Royal
46+115The Handmaid's Tale (TV series)
47-42Cardi B
48+1506Cinco de Mayo
49+136List of European Cup and UEFA Champions League finals
50-4Westworld (TV series)
51-4List of Hindi films of 2018
52+285General Data Protection Regulation
53+71Queen Victoria
54+2902Mother's Day
55+649Prince Andrew, Duke of York
56++The Kissing Booth
57-18Donald Trump
58+3292The dress
59+438Freddie Mercury
60+59Tom Holland
61+180Edward VIII
62+66821Met Gala
64+26Riverdale (2017 TV series)
65+3404Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
66-44Mohamed Salah
67+43List of Indian Premier League seasons and results
68+38Scarlett Johansson
70+106The Handmaid's Tale
71+387Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
72-10Captain Marvel (film)
73+40Dua Lipa
74+51828Jeremy Thorpe
76+1644British royal family
77+79Chris Hemsworth
78+199Suits (American TV series)
79+3069Sonam Kapoor
80+3209Cobra Kai
81-78A Quiet Place
82+70Star Wars
83++Money in the Bank (2018)
85+13Post Malone
86+635Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex
88+40UEFA Champions League
89+90Michael Jordan
90+16401Margot Kidder
91+4810Loris Karius
92+285George V
93+7461Mahathir Mohamad
94+39198H. D. Kumaraswamy
95-14Lionel Messi
96+35Robert Downey Jr.
97+21276Joey King
99++Thomas Markle
100-57P. T. Barnum
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