The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in March 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Donald Trump
2+100Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
3+5410 Cloverfield Lane
4+272016 Republican Party presidential primaries
5+81Ronald Reagan
6+302016 Democratic Party presidential primaries
8+5Barack Obama
9-5Leonardo DiCaprio
10-8Deadpool (film)
11-8Bernie Sanders
12+12The Walking Dead (season 6)
13+15183Merrick Garland
14+94WrestleMania 32
15+11Melania Trump
16+3188Nancy Reagan
18+3162016 ICC World Twenty20
19-7Ted Cruz
20+85Conor McGregor
21+42016 United States presidential election
22+6United States
23+92Captain America: Civil War
24+191Nate Diaz
25+699Daredevil (season 2)
26+32866Garry Shandling
28+10Hillary Clinton
29-22The Revenant (2015 film)
30++Patty Duke
31+1The Walking Dead (TV series)
32+2551Descendants of the Sun
33-11Spotlight (film)
34-13American Crime Story
35+746Daredevil (TV series)
36+33John Kasich
37-2Stephen Curry
38+146UFC 196
39+1395Gal Gadot
40-20Star Wars: The Force Awakens
41+338Ariana Grande
42+1102List of presidents of the United States
43+382016 in film
45+264Tom Clancy's The Division
46-29Marco Rubio
47+13794London Has Fallen
48+265Ben Affleck
49+105Islamic State
50+10934Good Friday
51+9265International Women's Day
52+632Virat Kohli
53+32Adolf Hitler
54+2716Game of Thrones
55+10946Johan Cruyff
57+2871Vijay Mallya
59+3Legends of Tomorrow
60+786Henry Cavill
61+64Supergirl (TV series)
62-33Fuller House (TV series)
63+358The Night Manager (TV series)
64+28World War II
65+10552016 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament
66+7688Mia Khalifa
67+2042The Divergent Series: Allegiant
68+4Zayn Malik
69+1079Kapoor & Sons
70+39Gods of Egypt (film)
71+1485Better Call Saul
72+201Donald Trump Jr.
73-2Lucifer (TV series)
74-10Mad Max: Fury Road
75+37The Flash (2014 TV series)
76+1328Daylight saving time
77+17277Quantico (TV series)
78+5693Saint Patrick
79+2220List of Suits episodes
800Lionel Messi
81+19Cristiano Ronaldo
82+141Zodiac Killer
83+46United Kingdom
84+1779Erin Andrews
85+61Dwayne Johnson
86+35Bill Clinton
87+1414Go (game)
88+2679World War I
89++Clara Rockmore
91+142Ku Klux Klan
93+68John F. Kennedy
94+74Elizabeth II
95-76Ryan Reynolds
96+124Suicide Squad (film)
97+726Joey + Rory
98-11Kate Winslet
99+4Michael Jackson
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