The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in June 2012
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+12UEFA Euro 2012
2+5520Alan Turing
30Game of Thrones
4+20Elizabeth II
6-1Lists of deaths by year
7-1One Direction
8-7The Avengers (2012 film)
9+80LeBron James
10+2740Mario Balotelli
110United States
12+11Justin Bieber
13+824Father's Day
14+541Rowdy Rathore
15+103Cristiano Ronaldo
16+372012 Summer Olympics
17-3The Big Bang Theory
18+85The Amazing Spider-Man (film)
19+342Alien (film)
20+115Snow White and the Huntsman
21+504Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
22+64List of The Legend of Korra episodes
23+867How I Met Your Mother
24+647Brave (2012 film)
25+24Lionel Messi
26-4Chris Hemsworth
27+7The Dark Knight Rises
28+3340Rodney King
29+136Charlize Theron
31+11Johnny Depp
32+285Kevin Durant
33-18The Hunger Games
34+1638UEFA European Championship
35-10Nicki Minaj
37+97Liam Hemsworth
38+1749Dallas (2012 TV series)
39+48Michael Jordan
40+2416Magic Mike
41+11United Kingdom
43+135Miley Cyrus
45+801Germany national football team
46+60Michael Jackson
47+109Manny Pacquiao
48+124Tom Cruise
50+193Queen Victoria
51+24926Murder of Jun Lin
52+4191Maria Sharapova
53+130Katy Perry
54+31Kim Kardashian
56+182012 in film
57-27World War II
59+1717Rafael Nadal
60+11628Ray Bradbury
61+2291UEFA Euro 2008
62-30Men in Black 3
63+25Selena Gomez
64-25Adolf Hitler
65+128Kristen Stewart
66-21List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
67+84Mila Kunis
68+133Avatar: The Last Airbender
69+2316Mario Gómez
70+126John Cena
71+59307Nora Ephron
72+2768Sexual intercourse
73+1603Italy national football team
75+1212Cocktail (2012 film)
76+3075Affordable Care Act
77+9037Eduard Khil
78+42Mad Men
79+814Spain national football team
80-8Tupac Shakur
81-27Barack Obama
82+43Abraham Lincoln
83+1200Rock of Ages (2012 film)
84-22Marilyn Monroe
85+365Emma Stone
87+3744Human penis size
88+102Olympic Games
89-24Lady Gaga
90+1893Zlatan Ibrahimović
91+473England national football team
92+1223Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
93+5006Andriy Shevchenko
94+30Albert Einstein
95+44Drake (musician)
96+1226Roger Federer
97+14732010 FIFA World Cup
98+3720Lil Wayne
99+2465Transit of Venus
100-41World War I
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