The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2009
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Michael Jackson
2+94The Beatles
3-1Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
4+74Harry Potter
5-2The Transformers (TV series)
6+6The Jackson 5
8+134Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (film)
9-1Lists of deaths by year
10+805Nikola Tesla
11++Steve McNair
12+89John Dillinger
13-4Megan Fox
14-3United States
15+540Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
16-2Lady Gaga
17+795Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
18+10Sacha Baron Cohen
19+9941Rorschach test
21+441Emma Watson
22-6Thriller (album)
23+65Jermaine Jackson
24+1447Apollo 11
25+12Janet Jackson
26-5Swine influenza
28-6Lil Wayne
29+56La Toya Jackson
30+15663Solar eclipse of July 22, 2009
31-5True Blood
32+724Harry Potter (film series)
33+6Roger Federer
34-152009 swine flu pandemic
35+68Neverland Ranch
36+41Selena Gomez
37+2422Sex position
38-3Miley Cyrus
39+65Demi Lovato
42+627Brock Lesnar
43+12878Erin Andrews
44-8Barack Obama
45+72Brüno Gehard
47+178Public Enemies (2009 film)
48+3Drake (musician)
49-18Harper's Island
50-9Avatar: The Last Airbender
51+3432Sexual intercourse
53+11Johnny Depp
54+13Real Madrid CF
56+102009 in film
57+34Hannah Montana
58+1009Daniel Radcliffe
59+6151Tour de France
60+101Katherine Jackson
61+105Mariah Carey
62+1547List of supporting Harry Potter characters
63+2672Magical objects in Harry Potter
64+23HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
65-22United Kingdom
66-21Elvis Presley
67-60Billy Mays
69+336UFC 100
70+1256Neil Armstrong
71+496Fedor Emelianenko
72+1148Andy Roddick
73+730Watchmen (film)
75-25Jonas Brothers
76+18Windows 7
77+103Manchester United F.C.
78+28Bad (album)
79+3188Moon landing conspiracy theories
81-49World War II
82+2937Walter Cronkite
84+1142012 phenomenon
85-58Transformers (film)
86-52Adolf Hitler
87+1921List of Harry Potter cast members
90+99Daisy of Love
91+8Off the Wall
93-60Kristen Stewart
94+97Alice in Wonderland (2010 film)
96+4002District 9
97+2505Order of the Phoenix (fictional organisation)
98-35Tupac Shakur
99+4549Death Eater
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