The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in October 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
10HTTP 404
4+55213Left anterior descending artery
5-1Lali Espósito
6+241Dulce María
7-1Lists of deaths by year
9+5Donald Trump
10+72016 United States presidential election
12++Flow control
13+209Westworld (TV series)
14+9Hillary Clinton
15++Hypnotize Minds
16+102Doctor Strange (disambiguation)
17+6363Dyatlov Pass incident
18+192Black Mirror
19-12Stranger Things
20+4610Star Citizen
22+27147Billy Bush
23++Ein Sof
24+167Luke Cage (TV series)
25+632012 United States presidential election
26+323Luke Cage
27+126The Walking Dead (TV series)
28+962Bob Dylan
29+7List of presidents of the United States
32+187MS Dhoni
33+10202Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
34-7United States
35-27Internet Protocol television
36+135United States Electoral College
37+562List of Black Mirror episodes
38+12389Bhumibol Adulyadej
39+98Bill Clinton
40+1782008 United States presidential election
42++Hurricane Matthew
43-92016 in film
44+1100The Walking Dead (season 7)
45-14List of Bollywood films of 2016
46-24American Horror Story: Roanoke
47+19Barack Obama
48-35Mr. Robot
49-38Pablo Escobar
51+10Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
52+1972000 United States presidential election
53+4This Is Us
54+430List of The Flash episodes
55++Logan (film)
56+380Melania Trump
57+14Nationwide opinion polling for the 2016 United States presidential election
58+58886Frances Cleveland
59+276952004 Harvard–Yale prank
60-4List of most-viewed YouTube videos
61+597The X Factor (British series 13)
63+45859Seat belt
64-38Sia (musician)
65+7095Mind–body dualism
67+41429Never Gonna Give You Up
68-8Dancing with the Stars (American season 23)
70++Witch window
72-27Syrian civil war
73+108The Voice (American season 11)
75+2209Hell in a Cell (2016)
76+1212Inferno (2016 film)
77-36Suicide Squad (film)
78+505Amanda Knox
80+384The Girl on the Train (2016 film)
81+101Lady Gaga
82+1522016 United States presidential debates
84+29World War I
85+2972004 United States presidential election
86++Legal realism
88+766Marilyn Monroe
90-5World War II
91++MS The World
92+21417Monty Python's Life of Brian
93+188M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
94+456Ivanka Trump
95+28244Joe Frazier
96+638Legends of Tomorrow
97+312The Flash (2014 TV series)
98+682016 Formula One World Championship
99+14575We Are the World
100+4081992 United States presidential election
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