The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+458Margaret Thatcher
2+284Game of Thrones
3++Boston Marathon bombing
4+1Lists of deaths by year
5++Maria Sibylla Merian
6+381Oblivion (2013 film)
7+33North Korea
8+112Iron Man 3
9+14731Leonhard Euler
10+166The Walking Dead (TV series)
11+2United States
12+7001Roger Ebert
13+179The Great Gatsby
15+31WrestleMania 29
16-4The Big Bang Theory
18+101Kim Jong-un
20+1215Defiance (TV series)
21-4Arrow (TV series)
22+10Adolf Hitler
23+1848Hannibal (TV series)
24+205Injustice: Gods Among Us
25+14Dwayne Johnson
26+590Jackie Robinson
27+3260Aashiqui 2
28-2Abraham Lincoln
29+125Steve Jobs
30+17Doctor Who
31+43Barack Obama
32-11BioShock Infinite
35+14United Kingdom
36+5Vikings (TV series)
37+825The Walking Dead (season 3)
39-14Amazon (company)
40+10World War I
41-11Justin Bieber
42-15One Direction
43+1045April Fools' Day
44+3060Breaking Bad
45+44The Following
46+202013 in film
47+48Revolution (TV series)
48+11931Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
49+97Korean War
50-32Duck Dynasty
51-29Nicki Minaj
52+8245Hemlock Grove (TV series)
530G.I. Joe: Retaliation
54+214Robert Downey Jr.
55+19750Mad Men
56-32Jennifer Lawrence
57+78Chernobyl disaster
58-43Justin Timberlake
60+91William Shakespeare
61+4603Michael Jordan
62+45The Hunger Games
63+1467Chashme Baddoor (2013 film)
64+561Evil Dead (2013 film)
65+153Leonardo da Vinci
68+434List of Game of Thrones characters
69-5Marilyn Monroe
70+117September 11 attacks
71+17135Annette Funicello
72+494List of A Song of Ice and Fire characters
74-18Selena Gomez
76-11Taylor Swift
77+10Michael Jackson
78+39Vietnam War
79+2231Pain & Gain
80-28Lionel Messi
81-5Cristiano Ronaldo
82+11Mahatma Gandhi
83+58John Cena
84+32Elizabeth II
85-69Mila Kunis
86+150Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
87-17Once Upon a Time (TV series)
88+13Kaley Cuoco
89+5The Big Bang Theory (season 6)
90-21Albert Einstein
92+5Kim Kardashian
93+3387Pink Floyd
95-14Android (operating system)
96+54List of Running Man episodes
97+21American Civil War
98+75Joseph Stalin
99-17The Undertaker
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