The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in December 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+80Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
2-1The Mandalorian
3-1Lists of deaths by year
4+470The Witcher (TV series)
5+1Kepler's Supernova
6+395Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse)
70The Irishman
8+782019 United Kingdom general election
9+37Richard Jewell
10+26Jimmy Hoffa
11+14Apple Network Server
13-10Joker (2019 film)
14+13546Juice Wrld
15+112List of Star Wars films
16+879Cats (2019 film)
17+614The Witcher
18+8Watchmen (TV series)
19+93Star Wars
20+46Frank Sheeran
21+2Rick and Morty (season 4)
22+52526 Underground (film)
23+56Knives Out
24+435Marriage Story
25+17Billie Eilish
27+241Windows 10 version history
28+79784Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019
29-12United States
30+20Donald Trump
31+171Impeachment in the United States
32+3682019 Southeast Asian Games
33-22Elizabeth II
34-22Opinion polling for the 2019 United Kingdom general election
35+168Queen (band)
36+792Adam Driver
38+232Impeachment of Bill Clinton
39+541Jumanji: The Next Level
40+181996 California Proposition 218
41+120Greta Thunberg
42+345Star Wars: The Last Jedi
43-33Frozen II
44+147Boris Johnson
45+52Barack Obama
46+14027Anya Chalotra
47+13915Murder of Jun Lin
48-5Parasite (2019 film)
50+11HTTP 404
55+1560Henry Cavill
56+59Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
59-22His Dark Materials (TV series)
60-39Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
61+1607Uncut Gems
62+1641Bombshell (2019 film)
64+12Impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump
65-32019 in film
66+10046Code 8 (2019 film)
67+75402020 PDC World Darts Championship
68+228Scarlett Johansson
69-1Elon Musk
71+461No Time to Die
74+1792017 United Kingdom general election
75-2United Kingdom
77+1089Ad Astra (film)
78-3Google Chrome
79+1268List of S&P 500 companies
80+1096Little Women (2019 film)
81-11Periodic table
82+1789You (TV series)
83+553Star Wars: The Force Awakens
84-12020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
85+727The Expanse (TV series)
86-22List of Bollywood films of 2019
87-34Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
88-80Doctor Sleep (2019 film)
89+1692Miss Universe 2019
90+105List of Rick and Morty episodes
91+5207Black Christmas (2019 film)
93+521UFC 245
94+55The Pirate Bay
95-35World War II
96+4695Boxing Day
97+366Python (programming language)
98+925Richard Jewell (film)
100-48Ricky Martin
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