The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+72Black Panther (film)
3+552018 Winter Olympics
4+61Elon Musk
6-5Lists of deaths by year
7+320Sylvester Stallone
8+1990Shaun White
9+3198The Cloverfield Paradox
11+1724Michael B. Jordan
12+2237Lindsey Vonn
13+71Nick Foles
14+1981Billy Graham
15+955Travis Scott
16+1767Altered Carbon (TV series)
17+1206Chadwick Boseman
18+5Tom Brady
19+207Justin Timberlake
20+7677Johnny Weir
21+21274Boney Kapoor
22+449Kylie Jenner
24+783Black Panther (character)
26-24Elizabeth II
27+4050Tara Lipinski
28++Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
29-25Tonya Harding
30+7895Tessa Virtue
31-4XXX (film series)
32-7Andrew Cunanan
33+816Winter Olympic Games
34+2217Valentine's Day
35-1List of Super Bowl champions
36-28Queen Victoria
37+1021Elimination Chamber (2018)
38+950Columbine High School massacre
39+49Super Bowl LII
40+29139School shooting
41-2Alauddin Khalji
42+1United States
43+104Dua Lipa
44+100List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
45+459Patty Hearst
46-33Cardi B
48+2363Altered Carbon
49+204Philadelphia Eagles
50-24The Shape of Water
51-30Winston Churchill
52-28Donald Trump
53+3671Erik Killmonger
54-44Gianni Versace
56+913List of Hindi film families
57+825Pad Man (film)
58-29Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
59-54Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
60+169Avengers: Infinity War
61+41516Mona Shourie Kapoor
62+2316Falcon Heavy
64+2635Letitia Wright
65+804Fifty Shades Freed (film)
66+113This Is Us
67-50The Greatest Showman
68+5642Ryan Coogler
69+2772Lupita Nyong'o
70+15564Scott Moir
71+3231Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
72+5267Mithun Chakraborty
73+2762Annihilation (film)
74+48Jennifer Aniston
75+1203Hope Hicks
76+8775Olympic Athletes from Russia at the 2018 Winter Olympics
77+15List of Hindi films of 2018
79+12Larry Nassar
80++Nirav Modi
82+16640Colt AR-15
83+54Cristiano Ronaldo
84+1748Natalie Wood
85+551Rob Gronkowski
86+885Murder of James Bulger
87+2769List of Olympic Games host cities
88+12385John Mahoney
89-77Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
90+5115Mikaela Shiffrin
91++Emma Chambers
92-85Black Mirror
94+30194Chloe Kim
95+385Daniel Kaluuya
96+12909Ash Wednesday
97+43982022 Winter Olympics
98+354Virat Kohli
99+3Riverdale (2017 TV series)
100+11Barack Obama
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