The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in July 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+2Lists of deaths by year
2-1COVID-19 pandemic
3+448Alexander Hamilton
4+6579Naya Rivera
5+351Hamilton (musical)
6+5COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
7+3586John Lewis
8+53Ghislaine Maxwell
9+8495The Old Guard (2020 film)
10+12552Kelly Preston
11+17Dark (TV series)
12+7COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
13++Grant Imahara
15+3Jeffrey Epstein
18+2United States
19-4Donald Trump
20+1566Ghost of Tsushima
21+1852Olivia de Havilland
22+3107Hamilton (2020 film)
23+964Greyhound (film)
240Microsoft Office
25+53259Herman Cain
26+27072Regis Philbin
28+1781Lin-Manuel Miranda
29-7Elon Musk
30+5120Aaron Burr
31+383Kanye West
32++Comet NEOWISE
33-12020 United States presidential election
34-9The Pirate Bay
35-30Sushant Singh Rajput
36-6Coronavirus disease 2019
38+59Premier League
39+4702020 Formula One World Championship
40+835Amber Heard
41+3866Nick Cordero
42+9044Warrior Nun (TV series)
43-33Black Lives Matter
44+177UFC 251
45+3811Hagia Sophia
46-12List of most-viewed YouTube videos
47++Folklore (Taylor Swift album)
49-5Kayleigh McEnany
50+5133Cursed (2020 TV series)
51+12318Ennio Morricone
52+71Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
53+1702019–20 Premier League
54+272Tammy Duckworth
55-142016 United States presidential election
56+360Taylor Swift
57-14Joe Biden
58+2257Robert Maxwell
59+1743John Travolta
61+115Jeff Bezos
62+767Charlize Theron
63+16375Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton
64+218It's Okay to Not Be Okay
65+388Johnny Depp
66+45013Mary L. Trump
67+483Mount Rushmore
68+6List of presidents of the United States
69-4Windows 10 version history
70+1006Anthony Fauci
71+4Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
72-45Barack Obama
73+51Pizzagate conspiracy theory
74+24Spanish flu
76++USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6)
77-22Elizabeth II
78+5074Jonathan Groff
79+39765Mary Kay Letourneau
80+233George Washington
81+443Thomas Jefferson
83+215Dil Bechara
84-77The Last of Us Part II
86-28United Kingdom
87-61365 Days (2020 film)
88-51COVID-19 pandemic in India
90+1799Pop Smoke
91-29Periodic table
92+11708Phillipa Soo
93+3498Jada Pinkett Smith
94+1121The Umbrella Academy (TV series)
95++Ted Yoho
96+113Susan Rice
97-20List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
98+2HTTP 404
99+907The Horror Show at Extreme Rules
100+47700Charlie Daniels
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