The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2014
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# Changes Title Popularity
2+7Amazon (company)
3+72X-Men: Days of Future Past
4+10871Conchita Wurst
5-3Game of Thrones
6+131Godzilla (2014 film)
7+18435Postpartum depression
80Game of Thrones (season 4)
9+1List of Game of Thrones episodes
10+631Audrey Hepburn
11++Dorothy Hodgkin
12-5Lists of deaths by year
13+9The Amazing Spider-Man 2
14+99792Mary Anning
15+88Narendra Modi
17+7486Indigenous Australians
18+882014 FIFA World Cup
19+1051Brown v. Board of Education
21+932Cinco de Mayo
22+4261Memorial Day
24+70Iggy Azalea
26+6989Maya Angelou
280List of Bollywood films of 2014
29+356X-Men (film series)
30-6United States
32-26Climatic Research Unit email controversy
33++Maria Gaetana Agnesi
34+12014 Indian general election
35+132014 in film
36+1005Eurovision Song Contest 2014
38-25Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
39+1703Mother's Day
41+1617Congressional Record
43++Alabama Great Southern Railroad
44+645Watch Dogs (video game)
46+35Dan Bilzerian
47+1540Steve Wozniak
48-8List of Arrow episodes
49-2World War II
50+20775Rachel Carson
51+142Ariana Grande
52-3Fargo (TV series)
54-29Frozen (2013 film)
55+8819Apocalypse (comics)
57+5The Big Bang Theory
58+5Arrow (TV series)
59+2World War I
60+2884Boko Haram
61+71Michael Jackson
62+1270Maleficent (film)
63+1832Penny Dreadful (TV series)
65-60Donald Sterling
66++Eglinton West line
67+24Cristiano Ronaldo
68-35Climate change
69++Copyright Alert System
70+79List of presidents of the United States
71-19Adolf Hitler
72-42A Song of Ice and Fire
73+69Emma Stone
74+122924: Live Another Day
76+51724 (TV series)
78+149The Fault in Our Stars
79+31036Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site
80+15673Rubik's Cube
81+43Once Upon a Time (TV series)
83+68Jennifer Lawrence
84+596842014 FIFA World Cup squads
85++2014 Isla Vista killings
86-13List of The Big Bang Theory episodes
87-83Captain America: The Winter Soldier
88+1United Kingdom
89-15Breaking Bad
90+29Hannibal (TV series)
91-1Barack Obama
92++Checker shadow illusion
93+77Lionel Messi
94+103Andrew Garfield
95+736Neighbors (2014 American film)
96+82Attack on Titan
97-32Viking (disambiguation)
98+234Floyd Mayweather Jr.
99+465FIFA World Cup
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