The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in March 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
10COVID-19 pandemic
4+45Spanish flu
5+17COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
6++COVID-19 pandemic in India
7+197COVID-19 pandemic in Italy
8+3157COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
10+1482009 swine flu pandemic
11-1Lists of deaths by year
12+22020 Democratic Party presidential primaries
13++Joe Exotic
14+97Black Death
16-10Donald Trump
17+1785Madam C. J. Walker
18+8531Andrew Cuomo
19++Tiger King
20+341Contagion (2011 film)
21+21The Invisible Man (2020 film)
22+26Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
23+15393COVID-19 pandemic in Spain
24+7544COVID-19 pandemic in Germany
25+10760Kenny Rogers
26+96The Eyes of Darkness
27+11451Anthony Fauci
28+57761COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom
29+441List of epidemics
30+155Joe Biden
31+361Tom Hanks
32+896COVID-19 pandemic in Europe
34++COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey
36+230WrestleMania 36
37++Carole Baskin
38+36872COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
39-19Bernie Sanders
40-4Kepler's Supernova
41+17985Martial law
42+17Elizabeth II
43+98750COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
44-42Parasite (2019 film)
45+27418COVID-19 pandemic in France
46+12469Chris Cuomo
47+5United States
48+7200COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines
49-12BBC World Service
50-25Ken Miles
53+33163A'Lelia Walker
54+20Super Tuesday
55+397Influenza A virus subtype H1N1
56+453Onward (film)
57++COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden
58+124522009 swine flu pandemic in the United States
59+91051Deborah Birx
60++COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan
62+13032012 Delhi gang rape and murder
63++COVID-19 pandemic in the Netherlands
64-4Harvey Weinstein
65-25Crash Landing on You
66+323Boris Johnson
670Knives Out
69+5218COVID-19 pandemic in mainland China
70++The Platform (film)
72-11Periodic table
75-51Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo
76++COVID-19 pandemic in Poland
77++COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa
78+10513Spenser Confidential
79+2Apple Network Server
81+1542Swine influenza
82+2201Ozark (TV series)
83+6List of Hindi films of 2020
84+89List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
85+28056Mario Cuomo
86+1086Bubonic plague
87++Joe Diffie
88++Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act
89+590Katy Perry
90+59958The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
91+192020 United States presidential election
94+282Itaewon Class
95+1341COVID-19 pandemic in South Korea
96+690World Health Organization
97+98Love Is Blind (TV series)
100+111Post Malone
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