The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in January 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Search engine
3++Curiously recurring template pattern
4+3644Ray Lewis
5-1List of HTTP status codes
7+383Martin Luther King Jr.
8+1Webserver directory index
9+43Django Unchained
11+295Colin Kaepernick
12+100Cat anatomy
13+3Lists of deaths by year
16+13The Big Bang Theory
17+111Zero Dark Thirty
18+64Downton Abbey
19+9How I Met Your Mother
20-1One Direction
21-11HTTP 404
22-11Gangnam Style
23+2478Jodie Foster
24+25Abraham Lincoln
25+1679Bryan Cranston
26++Aaron Swartz
27+72Nicki Minaj
28+110Jennifer Lawrence
29+3506Lance Armstrong
310United States
32+14World War II
34+497Silver Linings Playbook
35-12Second Amendment to the United States Constitution
36+110Quentin Tarantino
37+16Anne Hathaway
38+4741Mama (2013 film)
39+1218Royal Rumble (2013)
40+36Breaking Bad
41+13Justin Bieber
42+62Barack Obama
43-10Life of Pi
44-18The Walking Dead (TV series)
45+612Girls (TV series)
46+32Game of Thrones
48+44List of The Big Bang Theory episodes
49+3968Jim Harbaugh
50+1017Wireless sensor network
51+1118Movie 43
52+369List of Super Bowl champions
53+222Argo (2012 film)
54-92012 Delhi gang rape and murder
55+19How I Met Your Mother (season 8)
56+21List of How I Met Your Mother episodes
57+64List of presidents of the United States
58-8Lionel Messi
59+2519Super Bowl XLVII
60+30Pitch Perfect
62+10Arrow (TV series)
63-7Taylor Swift
65+5Fifty Shades of Grey
66+140Dwayne Johnson
67+555Suits (American TV series)
71+55Lincoln (film)
72+48Kim Kardashian
73+256Pretty Little Liars
74+7Adolf Hitler
75+364Daniel Day-Lewis
78-36Homeland (TV series)
79+19American Horror Story
80+11United Kingdom
81+58042013 Africa Cup of Nations
82-60The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
83+547The Impossible (2012 film)
84-71Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
85+627Chinese New Year
87+14316John Harbaugh
88+25World War I
90-22Mila Kunis
91+56Once Upon a Time (TV series)
92+1068Race 2
93+110Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
94+149American Horror Story: Asylum
95-12Doctor Who
96+807Jessica Chastain
97+290Ryan Gosling
98+104Kaley Cuoco
100+72Mahatma Gandhi
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