The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in January 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+3365Ray Lewis
3+320Martin Luther King Jr.
4+1Les Misérables
5+33Django Unchained
6+252Colin Kaepernick
7+1Lists of deaths by year
8+18Les Misérables (2012 film)
9+11The Big Bang Theory
10+88Zero Dark Thirty
11+51Downton Abbey
12-1One Direction
13-9Gangnam Style
14+2251Jodie Foster
15+21Abraham Lincoln
16++Aaron Swartz
17+57Nicki Minaj
18+91Jennifer Lawrence
19+3229Lance Armstrong
210United States
22+11World War II
24+431Silver Linings Playbook
25-11Second Amendment to the United States Constitution
26+89Quentin Tarantino
27+12Anne Hathaway
28+73973Mama (2013 film)
29+1069Royal Rumble (2013)
30+47Barack Obama
31+9Justin Bieber
32-15The Walking Dead (TV series)
33+3691Jim Harbaugh
34+980Movie 43
35+187Argo (2012 film)
36+22558List of Super Bowl champions
37-52012 Delhi gang rape and murder
38+54List of presidents of the United States
39-2Lionel Messi
40+2293Super Bowl XLVII
41+25Pitch Perfect
42+12Arrow (TV series)
44-2Taylor Swift
45+102Dwayne Johnson
46+47Lincoln (film)
47+1314Manti Te'o
50+11Adolf Hitler
51+39Kim Kardashian
53+320Daniel Day-Lewis
55+13United Kingdom
56+54672013 Africa Cup of Nations
57+19Les Misérables (musical)
58+492The Impossible (2012 film)
59+1Doctor Who
60-54Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
61+552Chinese New Year
62+22World War I
63-11Mila Kunis
64-55The Hobbit (film series)
66-53The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
67+948Race 2
68+725Jessica Chastain
69+260Ryan Gosling
70+89Kaley Cuoco
72+59Mahatma Gandhi
73+6860Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
74+1444Boeing 787 Dreamliner
75-252012 in film
76+3541The Lord of the Rings
77-65The Hobbit
78-60The Dark Knight Rises
79+38The Hunger Games
80+3Android (operating system)
81-10Life of Pi (film)
82+5416Johnny Depp
83-4Chief Keef
84+106Stephen Hawking
86+208Tom Brady
88+118Arnold Schwarzenegger
89+44Hugh Jackman
90+205Looper (film)
92-68Dabangg 2
93+193Emma Stone
94+177Fringe (TV series)
95+1Lil Wayne
96++Frank Zamboni
97+72John Cena
98+13Cristiano Ronaldo
100+53Marilyn Monroe
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