The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in May 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+14Michael Jordan
2-1COVID-19 pandemic
3+113Elon Musk
4++Murder of George Floyd
5+4Lists of deaths by year
6-4Tasuku Honjo
8+14331Antifa (United States)
9+11940Murder (United States law)
10+2502Judy Mikovits
11+7993Little Richard
12+1696Catherine the Great
13+14Scottie Pippen
14+16Dennis Rodman
15-7COVID-19 pandemic in India
16-12COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
17-10COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
18+862Jeffrey Epstein
19+5201Rock Hudson
20+86List of NBA champions
21-4Waco siege
22-11Spanish flu
23+16373Fred Willard
24+4554Hollywood (miniseries)
26+6854Jerry Stiller
27-15Money Heist
28+703Kayleigh McEnany
29-6Extraction (2020 film)
30+479Diriliş: Ertuğrul
32+51Phil Jackson
33+542UFC 249
34-2Donald Trump
35+4382Dominic Cummings
36+10349Asian giant hornet
37-2List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
38-5United States
39-21Ozark (TV series)
40-12Anthony Fauci
41+703Steve Kerr
42+6464Dead to Me (TV series)
43+1085Anderson Cooper
45+75COVID-19 pandemic in Punjab, India
46+1335Normal People (TV series)
47-18Elizabeth II
48+204Doja Cat
51+275Mike Tyson
53+240Chicago Bulls
54-23David Koresh
55+348Never Have I Ever (TV series)
56-35Rishi Kapoor
57+2966Talulah Riley
59+191LeBron James
60+579Avatar: The Last Airbender
61+169The Last Kingdom (TV series)
62+82Kobe Bryant
63++Shad Gaspard
64+51Barack Obama
65-59Irrfan Khan
66+9334Victory in Europe Day
67+358Siegfried & Roy
68+6420Justice League Dark: Apokolips War
69+12Dwayne Johnson
70-8The World of the Married
71-21Jerry Krause
72+2216Ben Stiller
73+8879Justine Musk
74+77RuPaul's Drag Race (season 12)
75+112Jeff Bezos
76+6176Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
77++Paatal Lok
79+60The Last Dance (miniseries)
80+75The King: Eternal Monarch
81+15World War II
82-77Kim Jong-un
83+259Money in the Bank (2020)
85+6031Mother's Day
88+2804Christina Applegate
89+1821International Space Station
91-54COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom
92+308Magic Johnson
93+16332Upload (TV series)
94+347Normal People
95+82Winston Churchill
97+1926Linda Cardellini
98+115Shaquille O'Neal
99+260Al Capone
100+81BBC World Service
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