The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in March 2011
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+29Charlie Sheen
2+235Elizabeth Taylor
3+13115Nate Dogg
4+727Chernobyl disaster
5++2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
6-2Muammar Gaddafi
7-1Lists of deaths by year
8-5United States
10+982Saint Patrick's Day
11-9Justin Bieber
13++Friday (Rebecca Black song)
15++Fukushima nuclear disaster
16+112011 Cricket World Cup
17-9Lady Gaga
19++Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
21-2Dr. Dre
22+504Mark Zuckerberg
23+26Two and a Half Men
24++Rebecca Black
25+12346Three Mile Island accident
26+96041Nuclear meltdown
27+1Jersey Shore (TV series)
28-4World War II
29+25Selena Gomez
30+1206How I Met Your Mother
31+78First Libyan Civil War
32+9677Lists of earthquakes
33+1123Bree Olson
34-16United Kingdom
35+235Battle: Los Angeles
36-1Adolf Hitler
40-24Natalie Portman
41+13242004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
43+108Chris Brown
440The Big Bang Theory
45+119UFC 128
49+3Lil Wayne
50+2655Ash Wednesday
51+15813Emilio Estevez
52+1409George VI
53+5325Richter magnitude scale
54+33Wiz Khalifa
55+52Jennifer Lopez
56-22Elizabeth II
57+63029NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament
58-43The King's Speech
59+2466Nuclear power
60-40Black Swan (film)
61-13Barack Obama
62+683Mardi Gras
63+25House (TV series)
64+477Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
65-9Michael Jackson
66+20606Daylight saving time
68-42Dwayne Johnson
69-29Skins (British TV series)
70-15Katy Perry
71+32Tupac Shakur
72+30Britney Spears
73+107WrestleMania XXVII
74+92011 in film
75++2011 military intervention in Libya
76-18Kim Kardashian
77-10Mila Kunis
79+5688Ides of March
80+1List of songs in Glee (season 2)
81+331Vanessa Hudgens
82-46Nicki Minaj
83-4Miley Cyrus
84+4280Ring of Fire
85+42Avril Lavigne
86+8Steven Tyler
87-5Google Search
88+1New York City
89-57Bruno Mars
90+6041Saint Patrick
91+4Steve Jobs
92+179Nintendo 3DS
94+342The Notorious B.I.G.
95+71Asperger syndrome
96+27William Shakespeare
97+16632Greg Giraldo
98+1108Dragon Age II
99+59Jessie J
100+1148Red Riding Hood (2011 film)
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