The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2013
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+67Grand Theft Auto V
2+5Breaking Bad (season 5)
3+1Lists of deaths by year
5+258September 11 attacks
60Miley Cyrus
8+3United States
9+1Attack on Titan
11+15World War II
12+514Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
14+15The Big Bang Theory
15+4534Dexter (TV series)
18+553Nothing Was the Same
19+1290Floyd Mayweather Jr.
20+14Under the Dome (TV series)
21+44Dexter (season 8)
22-10Game of Thrones
23+68Now You See Me (film)
24+147Sons of Anarchy
25-17One Direction
26+27How I Met Your Mother
27+2884Mesut Özil
28+16Climate change
29+405Grand Masti
30+29Syrian civil war
31+2710James Hunt
32-29Robin Thicke
34-16Steve Jobs
36-172013 in film
37+191FIFA 14
38+386Grand Theft Auto
39+98Drake (musician)
40+3148Rosh Hashanah
41+1540Charlie Hunnam
42+112Bashar al-Assad
43+14Ariana Grande
44+10United Kingdom
45+39Gareth Bale
46++Nina Davuluri
47-38Orange Is the New Black
48+697Riddick (film)
49+2460Rush (2013 film)
50+19Adolf Hitler
51+119Fifty Shades of Grey
52+3516Canelo Álvarez
53+59Bryan Cranston
54+39The Walking Dead (TV series)
55+62World War I
56+148Breaking Bad
57+53Cristiano Ronaldo
58+236James Franco
60+25Barack Obama
61+1000Insidious: Chapter 2
62+324World War Z (film)
64+17Katy Perry
65-26Justin Timberlake
67-66Chennai Express
71+450Shuddh Desi Romance
72+53Myers–Briggs Type Indicator
73+36Android (operating system)
74+83Lionel Messi
75+185List of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul characters
76+9984Sleepy Hollow (TV series)
77+1192Gravity (2013 film)
78+1502Felina (Breaking Bad)
79+50Albert Einstein
80+35782014 FIFA World Cup qualification
81+19Mahatma Gandhi
82+151Aaron Paul
84+551The Legend of Korra
85-80The Conjuring
86+5883Prisoners (2013 film)
87-4Google Search
88-68Doctor Who
89+47Bill Gates
90+31912012 Delhi gang rape and murder
91+87Star Trek Into Darkness
92+163Liam Hemsworth
93+86Arsenal F.C.
94+80New York City
95+9860The Great Gatsby
96-60Lady Gaga
97+252Labor Day
98+404Grand Theft Auto IV
99+82List of presidents of the United States
100+1714UFC 165
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