The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in September 2019
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+11375List of Queen of the South episodes
2+154It Chapter Two
3+285Greta Thunberg
40Lists of deaths by year
6+83Joker (2019 film)
7+333September 11 attacks
8+443Antonio Brown
10+1389Hustlers (film)
11+562Ad Astra (film)
12+10227Eli Cohen
13+871Storm Area 51
14+2615The Bahamas
16+777Bianca Andreescu
17+15411Unbelievable (miniseries)
18+27390Ric Ocasek
19+4712019 FIBA Basketball World Cup
20-13Mindhunter (TV series)
21+11Billie Eilish
220Freddie Mercury
23+234Solar System
24+1175Rafael Nadal
25+361It (2017 film)
26+2United States
27+11List of Hindi films of 2019
28+12832John Bercow
29+2859Hurricane Dorian
30+32Peaky Blinders (TV series)
31+49Elton John
32-20Wayne Williams
33-30Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
34+17Donald Trump
35+211Joaquin Phoenix
36+5417Eddie Money
37++Apple Network Server
38+115Sylvester Stallone
39-29Atlanta murders of 1979–1981
40+336Judy Garland
41+15Elizabeth II
42+319Clash of Champions (2019)
44+388Carnival Row
45-37Charles Manson
46+12212019 Rugby World Cup
47+57Clint Eastwood
48+79Cristiano Ronaldo
49+1159Oswald Mosley
50+1032Bill Skarsgård
51+1952Rambo: Last Blood
52+296Khabib Nurmagomedov
53+32Boris Johnson
54+104Area 51
56+2225Anand Kumar
57-14Spider-Man: Far From Home
58-45Avengers: Endgame
59-36List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
62-48Dennis Rader
63+332Serena Williams
64+30499Gardner Minshew
65+7Keanu Reeves
66+487The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
67+21296Cokie Roberts
68-42Edmund Kemper
69-27BBC World Service
71+10798K. Sivan
72+7392Robert Mugabe
73+16907Top Boy
74+18545The Spy (TV series)
75+262Jennifer Lopez
76+70HTTP 404
77+383Mary, Queen of Scots
78-41Chernobyl disaster
80+118Dark Phoenix (film)
81+594UFC 242
82-292019 in film
83+220Post Malone
84+770Demi Moore
85+1672It (novel)
86-84Article 370 of the Constitution of India
87+470American Horror Story
88+3426American Horror Story: 1984
89-72Dwayne Johnson
90+3Brad Pitt
91+77788Thomas Cook Group
92+42Mahatma Gandhi
93+116Dave Chappelle
94+508Bill Gates
95-37Patrick Swayze
96+143Periodic table
97+167Cara Delevingne
98-89Hobbs & Shaw
99+36Elon Musk
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