The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in October 2018
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# Changes Title Popularity
10Lists of deaths by year
2+62Venom (2018 film)
3+46A Star Is Born (2018 film)
4+98Khabib Nurmagomedov
5+12018 FIFA World Cup
6++Jamal Khashoggi
8-6Brett Kavanaugh
9+185Halloween (2018 film)
10+7United States
11+12266The Haunting of Hill House (TV series)
12+83Freddie Mercury
13+104Conor McGregor
14+2Donald Trump
15+787Red Dead Redemption 2
16+132Lady Gaga
17+6094The Haunting of Hill House
18+96422Washington's 8th congressional district
19+9The Matrix
21+10René Descartes
22-15Elon Musk
23+214UFC 229
24+6Artificial neural network
25+7308Paul Allen
26+8Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
270Machine learning
30+16Rabbit hole
31+1667Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (TV series)
33+15Neural coding
34-11Google Chrome
35++Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha
36+348Bradley Cooper
37-112018 in film
38+47The Pirate Bay
39+2124Nikki Haley
40+2United Kingdom
41++Tyrus Wong
42+13Kylie Minogue
43+212Jair Bolsonaro
45++Hurricane Michael
46+6Periodic table
47+7HTTP 404
49+564Bohemian Rhapsody (film)
50+1179Titans (2018 TV series)
51+6102018 Brazilian general election
52-14American Horror Story: Apocalypse
53+17Robot locomotion
54+1469Daredevil (season 3)
56+21301Bugs Bunny
59+835George Soros
61+4750Mohammed bin Salman
62+38Elizabeth II
63+11List of TCP and UDP port numbers
64+506WWE Evolution
65+142Doctor Who
66+1279Halloween (1978 film)
67+46Supreme Court of the United States
68+1504Halloween (franchise)
70+2125WWE in Saudi Arabia
71+679Neil Armstrong
73+725The Man in the High Castle (TV series)
74-5World War II
76+68List of justices of the Supreme Court of the United States
77+328Queen (band)
78+2Beto O'Rourke
79+14433Roberto Clemente
80+9661Whitey Bulger
81+84Kanye West
82+494First Man (film)
83+9List of ongoing armed conflicts
84-28List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
85+754A Star Is Born (1976 film)
86+2Barack Obama
87-141996 California Proposition 218
88+13257Princess Eugenie
90+29752011 Norway attacks
91-19List of Bollywood films of 2018
92+15World War I
93-34American Horror Story
94+10Cristiano Ronaldo
95-16List of HTTP status codes
96+30352018 FIVB Volleyball Women's World Championship
97+40Mahatma Gandhi
98+532Me Too movement
99-90Christine Blasey Ford
100+1920Michael Myers (Halloween)
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