The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in April 2020
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# Changes Title Popularity
10COVID-19 pandemic
2++Tasuku Honjo
3+10Joe Exotic
4+1COVID-19 pandemic by country and territory
5+487Kim Jong-un
6+4199Irrfan Khan
7+1COVID-19 pandemic in the United States
8-2COVID-19 pandemic in India
9+2Lists of deaths by year
10+27Carole Baskin
11-7Spanish flu
12+185Money Heist
14+5Tiger King
15+140Michael Jordan
17+657Waco siege
18+64Ozark (TV series)
19+47Boris Johnson
20+16WrestleMania 36
21+6942Rishi Kapoor
22-15COVID-19 pandemic in Italy
23+9597Extraction (2020 film)
24-6Andrew Cuomo
25+924List of Money Heist episodes
26++Too Hot to Handle (TV series)
27+4557Scottie Pippen
28-1Anthony Fauci
29+13Elizabeth II
30+1707Dennis Rodman
31+6205David Koresh
32-16Donald Trump
33+14United States
34+35802020 NFL Draft
35+49List of Marvel Cinematic Universe films
36+484Unorthodox (miniseries)
37-9COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom
38+302John Prine
39+1Kepler's Supernova
40-26Black Death
42+9721Charles Ingram
43+1Parasite (2019 film)
44-21COVID-19 pandemic in Spain
45+14Deborah Birx
460Chris Cuomo
47+531Deborah Feldman
48+30988Kim Yo-jong
49++Disappearance of Don Lewis
50++Jerry Krause
52+4125Kim Jong-il
53+20998Bill Withers
54+12819Keir Starmer
55-452009 swine flu pandemic
56+226Ramayan (1987 TV series)
57+666Julia Garner
59+37World Health Organization
60+195Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
62+18599The World of the Married
64+122Bill Gates
65+15215Brian Dennehy
66+785Shira Haas
68-44COVID-19 pandemic in Germany
70+927Final Fantasy VII Remake
71+370COVID-19 pandemic in Karnataka
72-29COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
73+858Rashida Jones
74+4741Community (TV series)
75+31COVID-19 testing
76+456Jason Bateman
77+591Chris Hemsworth
79+147Zoom Video Communications
80-60Contagion (2011 film)
81+53Dwayne Johnson
83+9138Phil Jackson
84-5Apple Network Server
85+4624Ri Sol-ju
87-57Joe Biden
88+97List of James Bond films
89-67Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
90+1273Mahabharat (1988 TV series)
91++Mark Anthony Stroman
92+27Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
93+433COVID-19 pandemic in Maharashtra
94-24The Platform (film)
95+804Carrie Johnson
96+52World War II
97+368Timothée Chalamet
99+17Elton John
100+436North Korea
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