The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+23Donald Trump
2+12Question mark
4+59Deadpool (film)
50Java (programming language)
6++Steve Blake
7+1Lists of deaths by year
9+2088th Academy Awards
10+30Bernie Sanders
11+5Barack Obama
12-8Web scraping
13+4884The Life of Pablo
14+12875Antonin Scalia
15+16260HCL Technologies
16-6The Revenant (2015 film)
17+90Kanye West
18+10Leonardo DiCaprio
19++Warzone 2100
20+7Zika virus
21+37Ted Cruz
22+89059Omayra Sánchez
23+1266Valentine's Day
24+432016 United States presidential election
25+336O. J. Simpson
26+3612016 Republican Party presidential primaries
27-20Star Wars: The Force Awakens
28+4462016 Democratic Party presidential primaries
29++Christopher Paul Neil
30+108Peyton Manning
31+62624Ahrar al-Sham
32+13List of The Flash episodes
33+32Super Bowl 50
34+468Marco Rubio
36+131New York-style pizza
37+60Spotlight (film)
38+2410RSA (cryptosystem)
39+1649Pride and Prejudice
40+93Iowa caucuses
41+300Chinese New Year
42-1List of Bollywood films of 2016
43+158The Walking Dead (season 6)
44-9Room (2015 film)
45-9United States
46+2350Neerja Bhanot
47+407Ryan Reynolds
48+118The Walking Dead (TV series)
49+1248Martin Shkreli
50+10The X-Files (season 10)
51+905American Crime Story
52+3463Frederick Douglass
53-22016 in film
54+1516Negasonic Teenage Warhead
55+102List of Suits episodes
56+939O. J. Simpson murder case
57+143Hillary Clinton
58+776Robert Kardashian
59+9883Dmitri Mendeleev
61+604Better Call Saul
62-7Legends of Tomorrow
63+287Melania Trump
64+241Sia (musician)
65+50439Maratha (caste)
68+68Brie Larson
70+9162Gravitational wave
71-19The X-Files
72-69David Bowie
740List of Arrow episodes
75+923Morena Baccarin
76+82Syrian civil war
77+603Fastlane (2016)
78+720Fuller House (TV series)
80+51Lucifer (TV series)
81+25Supergirl (TV series)
83+22Academy Awards
85+4714Black Panther Party
86-64List of highest-grossing films
87++René Laennec
88+8420Super Tuesday
89+117Albert Einstein
90+487Keanu Reeves
91+401List of The Walking Dead episodes
92+17The Flash (2014 TV series)
93+26HTTP 404
94+137258th Annual Grammy Awards
96+96List of presidents of the United States
97+3756Leap year
98+25Cam Newton
99-7World War II
100-66The Big Short (film)
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