The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2016
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+6Donald Trump
2+44Deadpool (film)
3+16Bernie Sanders
4+246Leonardo DiCaprio
5+16Peyton Manning
6+15577Antonin Scalia
7-5The Revenant (2015 film)
8+1888th Academy Awards
9+953Valentine's Day
10+5067The Life of Pablo
11+2Zika virus
12+23Ted Cruz
13-3Barack Obama
14-2Cam Newton
15+12Super Bowl 50
16+88Kanye West
17+293Marco Rubio
18+3774Iowa caucuses
19+202Ryan Reynolds
20-17Star Wars: The Force Awakens
21+596American Crime Story
22+58Spotlight (film)
23-5List of Super Bowl champions
24+12357The Walking Dead (season 6)
25+422016 United States presidential election
26+6076Melania Trump
27+4484Black Panther Party
28-4United States
29+556Fuller House (TV series)
30+453Alexander Hamilton
31+4262016 Republican Party presidential primaries
32+4402The Walking Dead (TV series)
33+7The X-Files (season 10)
34+1202Martin Shkreli
35+58Stephen Curry
36+6372016 Democratic Party presidential primaries
37+434Fastlane (2016)
38+99Hillary Clinton
39+404Chinese New Year
40+11List of The Flash episodes
42+55Brie Larson
45+33Academy Awards
46+109Lady Gaga
47+43Gigi Hadid
48+2011The X-Files
51-50David Bowie
52+8911Sanam Teri Kasam (2016 film)
54+1432Groundhog Day
55+62Super Bowl
56+8051Super Tuesday
57+8210 Cloverfield Lane
58+3863Frederick Douglass
60+491Eli Manning
61-52List of highest-grossing films
62-9Legends of Tomorrow
63+1552Grease: Live
64-1Mad Max: Fury Road
65+165058th Annual Grammy Awards
66+2154Von Miller
67+46Kim Kardashian
68+12850Gravitational wave
69+2206John Kasich
70+249Kris Jenner
71+30Lucifer (TV series)
72+58Zayn Malik
73+4302Alicia Vikander
74+2422Dr. Dre
77+90Albert Einstein
78+793Jeb Bush
79+1475Bruno Mars
80-9Lionel Messi
81-72016 in film
82+2236Shane McMahon
83+376Ivanka Trump
84-67The Big Short (film)
85-13Adolf Hitler
86+163Ronald Reagan
87+125Kate Winslet
88+3149List of Super Bowl halftime shows
89+334Hamilton (musical)
90+83Taylor Swift
91+2584Leap year
92-15World War II
93-18Justin Bieber
94+624Sanam Re
95+3822Vinyl (TV series)
96++Dave Mirra
97+223The Weeknd
98+5826Michael Jordan
99+424Ghayal: Once Again
100-6Cristiano Ronaldo
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