The most popular articles on English Wikipedia in Feruary 2017
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# Changes Title Popularity
1+21Tom Brady
2-1Donald Trump
3+380Lady Gaga
4+295Milo Yiannopoulos
5+42Moonlight (2016 film)
6-2Lists of deaths by year
7+7689th Academy Awards
8+816Get Out
9+696Neil Gorsuch
10-4La La Land
11+10Betsy DeVos
12+43Steve Bannon
14-7Split (2016 American film)
15+419Legion (TV series)
16+85Riverdale (2017 TV series)
17+842List of Super Bowl champions
18+1Emma Stone
19+45Arrival (film)
20+27176John Wick: Chapter 2
21++Bowling Green massacre
22+155Logan (film)
23+67Super Bowl LI
24+60Lion (2016 film)
25+49Manchester by the Sea (film)
26-6United States
27+14This Is Us
28+684Fifty Shades Darker (film)
29+9Kellyanne Conway
30+449Elimination Chamber (2017)
31+110New England Patriots
32-30Melania Trump
33+20051O. J. Simpson murder case
34+251Mahershala Ali
35+888Santa Clarita Diet
36-31Barack Obama
38+19List of Hindi films of 2017
39-22Taboo (2017 TV series)
40++Oroville Dam
41+412Justin Trudeau
42+150The Great Wall (film)
43+3551Michael Flynn
44-35XXX: Return of Xander Cage
45-17Hidden Figures
46+26939Chance the Rapper
47+93Super Bowl
48+1291The Lego Batman Movie
49+3828Jolly LLB 2
52+49334Kim Jong-nam
53+126Alexander Hamilton
55+59Ed Sheeran
56+15Adolf Hitler
57-42List of presidents of the United States
58+42List of The Flash episodes
59+1162A Cure for Wellness
60+12766Academy Awards
61+16Stranger Things
62+486Kristen Stewart
63++Edmonia Lewis
64+3630Frederick Douglass
65+52282Gisele Bündchen
66+33Dwayne Johnson
67+21World War II
68+252Rings (2017 film)
70++Fastlane (2017)
71+162017 in film
72++Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
73+43352VX (nerve agent)
74-8George H. W. Bush
75+134The Walking Dead (TV series)
76-64Ivanka Trump
77+28Moana (2016 film)
780Sean Spicer
79-12Matt Ryan (American football)
80+248359th Annual Grammy Awards
81+17Ben Affleck
82+117Mel Gibson
83-1Katherine Johnson
84+34Abraham Lincoln
85+18World War I
86-55Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
87+2249Stephen Miller (political advisor)
88-15John F. Kennedy
89+4409Elon Musk
90+38Steve Jobs
91+1763Groundhog Day
93+79Damien Chazelle
94+4502V. K. Sasikala
95-81List of highest-grossing Indian films
96+26United Kingdom
97+11Arnold Schwarzenegger
98+920Kim Jong-un
99+6218Bill Paxton
100+21Michael Jackson
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